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need help in karajama


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First, this does not involve a members feature.




Second, in the volcano dungeon thing in the FREE area of Karajama, with the dealy red spiders and lessers, there is a place that says "Open Wall" and it is a stone wall with a door- like outline. There are lessers on the other side, and I would like to get through with out doing this: :wall:




Every time I try to open it, it says "Nothing interesting happens" or something. It doesn't say anthing like, "This can Only be Attemted on amembers server" so I am assuming that F2P can use it. I see others going in and out, so I'm wondering how to.




Please help. =D>



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The area where the dragon from dragon slayer is at, is back in there. When you defeat the dragon, the way you escape is to come through that door from the inside, after which you can go back and fourth through it.

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