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  1. Sonic Youth - Superstar (Carpenters) (been posted but I figured I'd embed). [hide=][yt]Wbi67r13-uc[/yt][/hide] White Stripes - Walking with a Ghost (Tegan & Sara Cover) [hide=][yt]jeYyoU8kKPQ[/yt][/hide] The [bleep]ies - Paranoid (Sue me but I enjoy it.) [hide=][yt]x0_OOvIYjhg[/yt][/hide] *Edited to hide videos for less lag.*
  2. I've never heard a cover worse than this.: [yt]OPPuwx-fiIo[/yt]
  3. Anyone have anything I can do to train hurdle jumping? I currently work out in a body-building type routine at my gym, but I'm trying to gain some speed and overall agility. At the moment I can hurdle (realized I have bad form) anything belly button height (I've done rib cage height but cannot do it consistently). I'm not on a team or anything, this is just for me. I have no supplies other than average household items. I'm 5'10" at 170.
  4. The sit-ups seem a bit excessive, try 3 sets of 20 for them. Try adding in the ab vacuum and the ab bicycle (not sure of the name). (both go for time but don't go to complete failure, and 3 sets). Try chin ups too (palms facing you), and when doing pull-ups try to hold the bar as wide as you can. If you have the right set-up try dips too.
  5. Paul00


    I'll throw in a few bands: In no order of course. -[rooster] Sparrer -The Buzz[roosters] -Stiff Little Fingers -L7 -Uk Subs -Rancid -Oxymoron -Agent Orange -Sex Pistols -The Clash -The Ramones -The Misfits -The Jam -Black Flag -The Adicts -The [bleep]ies -Iggy Pop and The Stooges (not really Punk but they did pioneer it quite a bit) That's it for now, I'll go digging and find some more later.
  6. I saw last year's tour and I was very disappointed, just a bunch of Emo bands (the highlight of the day was the free cans of Monster). I skimmed that checklist and was very surprised to see UK Subs on there, veyr old and good Punk band. Other than that, meh.
  7. Paul00

    Live Concerts

    I've seen: Keane, Styx, Metallica, Warped Tour 08', and I'll be seeing Sonic Youth on June 29th.
  8. I had a left-arm numbness in the morning. I went to scratch my forehead, I ended up hitting myself in the face quite hard. :(
  9. It's a chargeable battery, it would probably need to be replaced eventually. (And I was just kidding, generally Pipes and Cigars smell good).
  10. Yeah, a true Cigar smells like burning underwear.
  11. Eh, I don't really see the point to it other than the no second hand smoke. I'm a purist though, you cannot imitate smoking (I don't know too much about cigarette smoking though, as personally I smoke a pipe), but there is far more than just the nicotine feeling.
  12. Re-color the Agility cape's trim, it looks way too much like cooking, and the red simply does not look right.
  13. Sometime between April 2002 and August 2002.
  14. Fastest p2p Agility, 60k at Ape Atoll with Super Energy Potions.
  15. He might of left in my absence, but what happened to Sly_Wizard?
  16. Snowy Hunter Area, or The Gnome Lands (desperate need of graphic update).
  17. Brief story, Agility has been my favorite skill since it came out. I love it and I find it stress relieving. Recently I got this: [exp is ruined because of stupid circus though :(] I do realize my other skills are far from up to par, but that's what I'm working on now.
  18. Almost Voted for: Agility is my favorite skill, but I do not think it's the best looking cape (close though!) Farming is also a great looking cape, strong green. and a tie between Def and Hp capes, both are just so nice. I am voting: I'm going with Mining Cape (t), it is honestly the best looking cape I've seen.
  19. Firemaking is a nice cape, and on level with any in my opinion but: Cook-X, Fletch-X. They are also cheap to buy and quick-ish to do. I appreciate Firemakers' because they too know what's like to get a CONSTANT click 99 >_>. It's very possible to have cook, fletch, or firemaking as a favorite skill, just do what you want (I say this as Agility has been my favorite since it came out). Training beyond a 99 is purely for enjoyment for me.
  20. Thanks Tears of Guthix! (Did tears yesterday only realized it today. and only 300k to go!
  21. wow. u actually got even xp! :o :shock: That is awesome! \ Don't stop. :P Can't wait to get all the 99s at once, I'm not even sure how the game will read it.
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