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How/Where do I go to repair barrows items?


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This may sound newbie but my friend quit and wanted to give me his torags but he cannot because they say Torags 100, where does he/me go to get them repaired and how much will it cost if they have barely been used?

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Tip It barrows guide




These equipment sets are rather ancient and require regular maintenance so you can use them. Every 15 hours that you use each item in combat it will decay totally. You can take them to (a) Bob in Lumbridge or (B) Dunstan in Burthorpe or © Tindel in Port Khazard to be repaired for the following prices:




* Barrows Helmets: 60k


* Barrows Bodies: 90k


* Barrows Legs: 80k


* Barrows Weapons: 100k


* Total repair cost: 330k




As the items 'decay', their names will change so you can know how soon they need repairing - if the item is fully fixed, it will just be called 'Ahrims staff' for example. It will change to Ahrim's staff 100 when first used, then Ahrim's staff 75, Ahrim's staff 50, Ahrim's staff 25 and Ahrim's staff 0, where the number in the brackets is the percentage remaining. You can get your items repaired at any time, instead of having to wait until they are at 0% to get them repaired. The cost is proportionally lower if you do (so if it's only half damaged the repair cost is also halved). The barrow items are only tradeable when they are fully fixed or totally broken.

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It costs 330k if it's fully broken. It shouldn't cost too much if it's just at 100. Just take 100k to be sure. You could also use an armor stand if you or your friend has or knows anyone who has one.

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Easiest place is Bob - the owner of the axe shop - in Lumbridge. There are other places such as your house (providing you have the armour stand), or other NPCs around RuneScape such as: Dunstan in Burthorpe or Tindel in Port Khazard.

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i think you can use it in anyones house cant you? so get a friend with high enough construction and you can get cheaper repairs

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