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Just going to say bye to all my mates!


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Hey everyone,Its uk_Swat I dont know what happened to my old forum account,Someone changed my email and password or something like that and tbh,i just cant be bothered finding out who,Or solving it.






After1 year + on RS and acheiving my things very fast its time for me to just lieave this game,Short and fast! Theres better things to do :)






All my mates out there,you know who you are,Ill probaly get some flaming or whatever on this thread but its expected.






GOODluck with future playing on your account,wish me luck IRL .IM not going to be back here ever again and i can promise you that.






If you ever wondered what i looked like here it is(just be kind and keep it open for a day :P) : [Mod Edit: We do not allow pictures of yourself.]

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Aw.... byes!


Combat 116+; Total 1900+; All Hard Tasks; (Nearly) All quest points; (Nearly) All skills 60+; An aquatic moose ninja.

Currently: Using 63 hunter to get some of those "Chins", then I'm going to range stuff down. Interruptions of agility when I feel like it, as well.

And lucky enough to get 4 Dragon and 6 Barrow Drops.

[hide]Kwimbob now looks exactly like me in real life except for hair color. Yes, this means I look exactly like the protagonist of that certain anime that my second character, Faye_V is also named after. Yes, I bought a jacket that also looks like his. No in real life I don't have a slain bear to sling over my shoulders. Yes, I'm that skinny even if I no-life it for years in basements. No, I can't shoot a gun. Yes, I can win any other strategic video game you have never played - because I probably have, ahahaha. And yes, I also have brown eyes, yet one of my eyes looks different from the other. And yes, I'm completely oblivious to the [real] world around me as I constantly engineer new solutions to daily problems in my head. When I get hungry, all that isn't food can wait. When I'm sleepy - nothing is of any priority in front of sleep. But at any other time, I never slow down. Never give up. Never Surrender. Makes for a good life.


- See You, Space Cowboy.[/hide][/hide]

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cya dude


never really knew you but i hope you enjoy life beyond rs! :wink:


Slayer FTW!!! Currently Lvl 73

Barrows Items: 8 Dragon Drops: 5

1632 Total All Skills 60+ 1700 blog.

"If you have got nothing nice to say, say nothing at all"-Flamers Watch Out

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Bleh, what the hell is wrong with the bloke putting his picture up..


RuneVillage allows pictures :cry:




Cya Swat, I liked having you around forums, good luck irl, make it big.










PS- If you forgot your password...roflmfao [-X



|Msg me me in-game | IrreIephant|

^ capital i

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wish i couldve known ya you were an awesome pker well gl irl




Same here, sad to see a pker with your statue and repetation leave especially after 0mfg0rz left too.

Wondering what to do with life .....

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