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crystal bow, karlis x bow, barrows and other stuff!


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hello everybody i have a few questions so plz help me in my time of distress lol.




crystal and x bow:




with the crystal bow ,if i have a bow 9/10 do i hav to pay full price to recharge it?e.g do i have to pay 180k to get it to 10/10 from 9/10?or is is cheaper?




karlis x bow:i was wondering how strong is it for example can someone guv me a comparison like its as powerfulas a a mage short and addy arrows ty.








i was wondering wen i go barrows(not going now) my stats will be




72 atk


75 str


70 def


65 prayer [-o<


mage: 73


range: 75




i was wondering how many p pots will i need to take?




ahrims staff: i was wondering wat spells can u cast with this staff and wat infinite runes do u get if any.e.g can u cast the normal spells like bolts blasts and waves etc: and do u get infinite runes of some sort e.g fire staff u get infinite fire.




wat lvl could i do regicide and roving elves?




SLAYER STAFF! this the most annoying question and not to be rude but i only want answers from people that have sent querys to jagex, i have myself but as usual they said too busy or something or another lol. so i was wondering is it affected by mage bonus?e.g i was wearing full mystic i have got +58 mage bonus ir if i was wearing full rune and i have -30 mage bonus




if i have any other q's i will edit










EDIT: i was also wondering can someone help me with the search button plz lol cus im trying to find the barrows kill count experiment thing lol

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the crystal bow question i have no idea, i dont have the bow, but i dont think you can recharge a partly used bow...




Karil's Bow is more powerful than Rune arrows with Magic Short, same speed, better bonus, but the bolts are not re-usable and requires repair.




With your stats, your first run will probably need 0 pots, but i am working from wearing a prayer outfit here (i found Verac's armor set to be extremely effective. Provides good melee defence for the lesser brothers, very good prayer bonus for the nasties, and less magic penalties) Though i recommend getting your magic up to at least lv 80 so you can hit 18 with darts.




Ahrim's staff is worth 100k for a reason, because it autocasts what 90% of the other staff autocasts (the elemental strikes, bolts, blasts and waves), provides no runes and is 2 handed




I dont know what your question on slayer staff is, but you need lv 55 slayer to wield it, and it can autocast magic dart, crumble undead and the wave spells.




EDIT : Your subsequent runs (restarting a run without banking) will take about 2-3 doses, 4 to be safe. I recommend you to wear prayer outfit and not mage outfit because having +100 mage bonus is about the same as having -5, because the brothers are so not resistant to mage that you will still hit them 24/7 with -5 mage bonus, especially at higher levels. If you use prayer outfit, you can definitely save more on p pots, making your trips last longer and save you money in the long run. you may also want to consider bringing a holy wrench (Rum Deal quest reward, when it is in your inv, everytime you drink a pot that restores prayer, it will restore 1 more than normal)

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////////////// // // //// //// p lol


/// // // // // // // //


/// // // // // // // //


/// // // // // // // //


//////////// // // // // // //


/// // // // // / //


/// // // // // //


/// // // // // //


///////////// ////////// // //

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You have to completely wear down a cbow before it can be recharged.




XBow isn't much stronger than mage short and rune, but it's significantly faster.




3 pray pots, 5 shark, and fill with lobs.




Ahrim's provides no runes. And I can't be sure, but I think it autocasts much like any normal element staff. It's a joke, and worthless almost.




Regicide and Roving Elves don't have so much of a level requirement. It's the traps that do the killing, and level won't save you there, nor pray.




What is it you want to know about the slayer's staff?



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i think i know what you mean with the slayer staff.




if you have a magic level of 60, you take the number 10 and add the first number of your magic level. so 10 + 6 = 60. if your magic level is 70-79, you can hit 17's, 80-89, you can hit 18's, and 90-99 you can hit 19's

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Yes, slayer staff is affected by mage bonus.


However, at barrows it won't matter, the brothers are so weak to mage you'll hit almost every time.

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