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Monster hp's


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How does tip.it bestiary know how much monster has hp?


http://tip.it/runescape/index.php?rs2monster_id=485 - This monster doesn't have 71 hp -.-






My pic is very old, but when I was dharoking there I think I hitted few 70's and only then saw that I'm one-hitting them(I was little bit afking then)




Maybe I'm wrong, but I think they have only 70 hp




Then where tip.it got that they have 71 hp?




If someone has hit on them 71, than I have messed something up :-k

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Well we count monster HP the old fashion way, simply by counting as we go (or at least the people that i know of do) so of course you can see that there could be errors as the monster's natural healing feature can mess thing up if they're a higher level and takes a while to take them down. :-k


If you have any corrections to any part of the website feel welcome to post in the Website corrections board located a few boxes over the General board in the index. :)






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Nobody is perfect. Some of the barrow's brothers have the wrong HP listed. Every single barrow's brother has 100 HP, but some are listed as more.




EDIT: Well I guess they're not, but they used to be.


Oh yeah. That's right.

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Omg. We are only humans, yes, we DO make mistakes ;). So just post them were we can see them (which is not here...). We have a special board for it, with an even more special topic!





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