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OWB Glitch (Learn it here)


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I have been givin permission, by a TIF forum mod, to post Ork's Wandering box glitch under the following conditions:



1) Protecting T.I.F. user's acounts, we don't want anyone's account being banned due to a topic we allowed.




2) Obeying JAGeX's rules. As you might now, we obey JAGeX's rules at T.I.F and don't want to get more people breaking rules.




If your post doesn't do either of those (for example the glitchwhich makes items float in the air is allowed, as it's completely harmless) then iy would be allowed.






Since my glitch is just like the "floating objects" glitch, harmless and does not provide an advantage to your account, I will post it.




NOTE: If something does happen to your account, please do not blame me seeing as this is a glitch, and glitches can possibly alter your account in undesirable ways. Now for the glitch itself...






Ork's Wandering Box (OWB) Glitch


I Changed the name from WB to OWB glitch so people will know I founded this glitch, and because it sounds better when you pronounce it "OWB".




This glitch skill works, even after the "27-Jun-2006Tweaks and Bugfixes" Runescape Update






Items/quests needed:


-Teleport runes


-Must have completed certain parts of the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest




NOTE: If you have already completed the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest, do not even bother trying to do this glitch.




Step 1: You must have gotten to the part of the quest where you have to go down through the trapdoor at the watermill place.




Step 2: Go to the watermill area (Just south of the Lumbridge chicken coop). Make sure the quest goblin is with you (forgot her name)




Step 3: Once you're in the watermill place, go inside the fenced area. At the south end you will see a stack of boxes. Click one of the boxes. The goblin will say something like "are you thinking what I'm thinking?" and then after afew more options, she will hop in the box/crate and you will be carrying it.




Step 4: (Doing the glitch): Simply log out, go to a free version world, and then log back in. The box should appear to be floating above the ground, except that it will be stuck in you.




Step 5: Using your teleport runes, teleport to a city, and there you will be free to run around with a box stuck inside of you!




You can now run around all of Runescape like this. Also, you can log back out and go back to a members world. If you equip an item to your weapon slot, or click the box/crate under your armoury tab, your box/crate that you were carrying will be gone.




Edit: I just remembered, that if you unequip your box, then Zanik will pop out and stay behind you UNTIL YOU TELEPORT AWAY. Once you teleport it will say "You have left Zanik behind", so you will have to go back to lumbridge in order to get him back. Thanks for reminding me, Techhead :)










That's it for now, have fun with the OWB glitch!

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I'm not making a big deal about it.


First thread was in the wrong forum, so I post my


second thread here, which didn't have the steps, so I made my


third thread (this one) which has the steps.




And no this doesn't happen "all the time".


Do you see people running around with boxes everyday in Runescape?


Didn't think so.

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i bursted out lughing the picture in duel arnea the box is like stuck to ur head






lawl! \' \' \' \' \' \' \' \'


electro skel <(-,-)>

everybody else is someone elses wierdo.

rate my goal of 5k green dhdies and bones and ownin those dragon and abby pkers.

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Try banking it? ( in an f2p server) How about unequipping it? (in an f2p server) I, however, did the quest :(

mssigqc5.jpgI do English to Japanese and Japanese to English translation for free! Just keep it under 5 sentences, and PM me to use my fluency in Japanese to your advantage!
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Sorry to flame. Cool bug and all, bu it is BS that I got banned for 1 month to addmitting to bug abuse... Ffs forget tip.it -.- Just saying its not fair..








A.K.A Bubba

Bubbasider(99) - Banned 1.20.06 - Bug abuse

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Wow! That's cool! that's really amazing how you managed to triple post like that! :)




Oh, and I guess the box thing is alright too.

My greatest ambition is to kill every member of the human race.


However I am a realist and therefore know that I probably wont be able to.


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