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lessers have low defense so you can hit them alot, but they can hit 9 or 8. if you have full rune you should be okay but it's better to be lvl 60 cb and higher.

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For a 55, Hill Giants sound like a pretty good thing to train on^^^




And as people said, if you ever really need to kill a lesser at 55, you could probably do it with food. You might end up using 3 or 4 lobs, but you could do it.

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At lvl 52ish you can kill Lessers. But at your sig, it seems if you're a mage pure. There's a safespot in Lessers too.

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Yeh, I would stay stick to Hills. Thats what I trained on till like 60 combat or so, and all ranged lvls past 30. Great prayer, and not bad drops for f2p.




At about 60 combat or so, I suggest buying a bit of food, and going into varrock sewers at the deadly red spiders. They are aggressive, and don't hit too high. Great xp to be made there!



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