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To pay, or not to pay


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I have an opportunity to become a member tonight. See I have a virgin mobile go-phone, and i am going to put 20 or more dollars on the account tonight. Which I may or may not use to pay for membership. It said mobile phones must pay extra.




So 2 things:


1. Does anyone here pay for membership with a mobile phone? if so how much does it cost? :-k


2. Should I go for the membership? :o




kinda scared lol


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I live in Canada and I pay by home phone.. $10.99 for me. I used to pay by mail but it takes like a week, phone happens instantly.




Yes you should get members.


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i used my debit card. just make sure you have enough money to pay for the membership, though. if they overdraw your account, you get banned, i hear.




i enjoy my membership. the world is more than twice the size now and even on a near full server, i can go places and find only one or two people there. theres fun games, challenging enemies, cool quests, new skills, expansive terrain of all types, and a whole lot of stuff to do at any given time.

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Toupee, or not Toupee...




Why pay extra if you have to pay anyway? Just get Paypal or a debit card (Credit Cards are EVIL!) :P

the russians are the best! Hands down!
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