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Working on a Guide, seeking advice.


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I'm working on a guide for organizing and making the most of your runescape bank. Any Tips, tricks, advice you wish to share would be most helpful.





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Well it seems obvious to have all your magic equipment and runes together. The same goes for ranging + arrows and also melee equipment and weapons.




After that; I sort out my bank into useful items, such as tinderboxes, chisels and nets etc.




After that; I have any pieces of equipment together, usually in sets.

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i guess keep your most frequently used items on the first bank page and (if you're p2p) keep your less frequently used items on the last page while having your rarely used items somewhere in the middle?

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the INSERT and SWAP buttons are great for organising your bank




INSERT allows you to quickly place an item exatly where you want it




SWAP allows you to quickly change over 2 items




well i assume you all knew that but hey thats "My two cents"

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also try and set bank markers for useful quest items like camulet, etc by getting more than 1 of, so you can find where they are easily.




have anti poison on the first page, as well as food.




and dont bother using bank markers for barrow items, they dont help.

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have things that go together in the same place - such as buckets, buckets of sand, buckets of milk, buckets of ectoplasm etc. and, if p2p, do rouges den until you get a few kits and put them right after your money food and anti-p, as they are very handy in a new quest that you don't know what you need for

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Well, i got all my money in the top left cornor, so they never move, then the gems and normal tools, eg shears chisel hammer ect.




i have all potions togetter, same with runes and herbs and seeds.




Everything is just where i put it last time.

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