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look at it! free pixels!

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ok, no, no free pixels but here is the sayings..thoughts..and conversations of munchy ( ...no im not conceited)






You ever notice that dharok and guthan and Torag are fat?


Your wielding a great axe and hitting 40's+ with it..and your still fat..somethings wrong with you.




Easy way to loose weight...get ghostly robes.




Munch:dang Game, you're so paranoid, the barrows is easy. You just cant panic.


*hour later*


game: what happened to you?


Munch: i paniced during a fight with dharok..and died...still don't be paranoid.




you ever notice it looks like your peeing when you take the camera behind you and use the laugh emote?




Random player: i did a barrows run


Another random player: what did ya get?


Random Player; guthans spear..


Another random player: nice! how many trip have you done so far?




Random Player: my first 1!!


Munchacow: wtc! i've done almost 100 and havent gotten it yet...i think jagex hates me.




do you know how many time's i've contemplated rs suicide, by just going into f2p?






Noob:gimme free stuff


munchy: no




munchy: no..


noob: ok fine then,i wont go away till you gimme something for free!


lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol !! Munchacow is a noob!! lol lol lol lol lol lol..


munchy:hey ill give ya something!




munchy: follow me..


Noob: no your gonna kill me!! you scammer!! reported! reported again you noob!!!!*logs out*


munchy:well, atleats he's gone.*swarmed by noobs cause im wearing ghostly robes*


Noob1: whats that! can i have them!?


noob2:can u have your dress! and manskirt!??


Munchy: it's not a man skirt!*teleports*


*hour later*


Noob#5678: gimme your stuff!! or ill kill you!!


munchy:*by noob# 3 im already stressed out*...i think im gonna go drink a gallon of paint..1 sec..

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what's the point of rs dating?! you dont even know if who you are dating is even a guy/girl!




weird "neuter" player: hey, your hot.


munchy: er...*keeps walking*


weird "neuter" player: you have a nice butt, it's so round and so butt-licous..oh ya..its so special..


munchy:...omg! have you ever notice that every1's butt is the same shape!?


*after she read this she started following another guy and saying the same things..but he fell for it*




you ever find it weird you can't type "s" in runescape...?




how come you can only get rabbit meat in regicide..




ok, you kill a cow and get a tiny peice of cow meat. i' am like..what the crap..for something the that big you get a piece of meat that small. i bet the meat is really big at first...but tiny little pixies that work for a organic meat company come and take out all the bad stuff. so the components are something like this..85% fat 5%bacteria :-X 5% lard 4%"unhealthy stuff" leaving one percent of "good meat"




why are there no filet mignons?




you ever notice that you can catch sharks in super shallow water in rs?...and you wonder why RS doesnt have a beach to swim in..




when i first heard of a monk fish i pictured a guppy in monk robes.




they are called ghostly robes..and are supposed to be transparent..why is it then that enemies can attack me back?




do you know how many times i've wanted to put a rock or something very hard in a rubber chicken?




why cant you steal rowboats?...i mean getting lost at sea is fun..in fact i'ts the new thing..every1 is doing it..*popularity of runescape plumits*




new treasure trail item...gold plated fishing equiptment..now you can have the bling bling you want even while fishing....*the gold plated equiptment can alos catch teh rare *gold plated lobster that sells for 1bil*

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i think runescape should implement bathroom breaks for your character..i mean all that food is clogged up in there waiting to come out..and when it does...nvm..




why are there no socks in runescape?




Notice how some high lvl's are jerks?i think that jagex should implement so npc "nanny" that when we tell her of a problem with a high lvl she teleports him to her lap and spanks the bad outta him... :-k ..this might not have the effect i was shooting for..




ok, im killing hellhounds for a clue scroll..and am using a "safe spot" for my range..i attack the hellhound and i notice im standing right in front of the hellhound ,not in my usual "safe spot"..im waitng for it too attck me back..but it doesnt..im like..omg.. is the stupid helldog so stupid that he can't attack something when he's right in front of it?




do you know how many monk robes i've stolen over the months..man, ther emust a be alot of mad,naked monks running around.




ever notice that one lvl 80+ guy who is a total idiot?




Idiot:what kinda armor is that?


munchy: Black D hide..


idiot:no its not, its black armor


munchy:..im the 1 wearing it..i know what it is...


idiot:nice piece of crap you call a bow..that bow sucks!


munchy: its a crystal bow...


idiot: it still sucks!


munchy: why me...


munchy:...hey, ill give ya a nickle if you go away*throws nickle off a cliff*


idiot: yippee!*jumps off*


munchy: Thank god he's gone..




ok..a little bit of an exzageration but still..




why aren't crumpits in the game, after all it is a british game?




some of the topic's i've seen brought up while fishing in catherby..


random letters and words




girls>usually in a rude manner




random letters and words


random letters and words


random letters and words..


" " "" ""




weird assortments of cheese..




random noobiness..


some day i wish i could drown myself..


some days i wish i could jump in the shark fishing area and die...

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and lets us pay tribute to that guy who thinks he can sell his stuff 50k higher than every1 else....*moment of silence*...which is usually funny..some noob comes along and buys it..this will result in me trying this and getting flamed... #-o




why is there no blood is runescape??






so, the 1st day it come sout im like wooohoo!..i get my money bout 50K all i have ever since i bought full karils..and i go to convert plamks to wood...i do..now im done to 42k...i look in my inv and im like...what the crap!..


well...i bank and scroung up 10k..no wi have 52k..i go buy 2 full inventories of cloth...bad idea..20k now..


im like...omg....


so..a little later im living in a cardboard box...with my dragon bitter.




why cant i see my food being cooked..?






so, im in elfland, tryin to find the starting point to "roving elves".


im using world map and the tip.it maps..and still cant find it so i decide to go back..and what do ya know, i find it..i had been going around it the whole time.




why is their not an assortment of cheese?




why don't the sick sheep go ahead and die?




i have the solution to "goblin diplomacy"...kill wartface and bentnoze.




now, it's that part of the day where i write down remarks by other players


*fishing guild*


Player1: what the crap is a qoute?


Player2: fffddd...


player3: if you dont answer that menas yes


Player4: i eat babies


*seers bank fletching*


Player5:is that white armor


munchy:no, it's puce.


player6:i dont feel like typing..


player6: so...wc lvl's?


player6: whats ur cooking? } :-k hmm..


Player7:give me money plz


~~~~~~~~~~~searching for remarks so bear with me..

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i hope ,one day, you can open up a casket(the ones you fish for) and find a dead guy in there.




don't you ever wonder why the armies that fought with the 6 brothers did'nt take their armor?




ever notice that when you cut down a tree you get three logs per load instead of 1?..i wonder then why you can't make three bows per set instead of 1...




when you kill a noob..is there creme filling?




that bull-roarer looks like a flail..hmm... :-k




i think they need a runescape pychiatrist..to help kids cope with there loss of items...




if a dagonnoth king can drop a seercull,d axe, or a mud staff...why doesnt he use it?




heres a tribute to you scammers out there...


Munchy: buyin full karils!


dumbcowscammer: trade!!!!!


munchy; fine fine...


dumbcowscammer:im lagging so we are going to have to do this fast


munchy:..w/e u say..


dumcowscammer:*puts up full kairls*


MunchY: *put up money*


dumbcowscammer:*takes away full karils and put ups full blk* *accpets*


munchy* i accepts,seeing my mistake i decline trade and report him*


dumbcowscammer:munchacow you noob!! you tried to scame me!!!! im gonna report you!! dumb***!!! dumb scammer!*logs out*


*the bank goes silent*


munchy:....that was akward




i wish i could actually shove a shovel up his butt and twist it around..

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ok, why do others people's name randomly appear on your friends list?..is it possible i got drunk and added the first person i saw?




Why is it the random events you fight drop crap?...well..they drop crap for me.




you are scammed.You report the scammer.Jagex teleports him to the gallows. a crowd gathers and throws rotten food on him..and 1 guy goes up and takes a crap on the scammer.The scammer is hung and drops all of his stuff.He just hangs there for a few day as punishment....but thats just me..




could termites invade my home?




what happens if you shoot some1 in the head with an arrow?




I think they should add a cannible tribe in the jungle...just to scare away people.




i chopped down a maple..wheres my syrup?




have you ever gotten these 2 words mixed


giggle and jiggle?




think before you speak munchy...


Player1: you know an easy way to make money?


munchy: kill something




Munchy:hack some1's runescape account


player1: buy glorys for 70k ea and charge them and then re-sell them.


munchy:er..pay no attnetion to what i said.. #-o




the best trade i've seen today.


me | him




800 chaos | 8k




how to get rid of a noob


~throw a piece of meat into the wilderness.


~tell him he can get a santa hat if he goes jump off a cliff.


~give him pie


~have him take the zamorak wine in the zammy temple.




~follow him and ask for free stuff.


~start speaking to him in a differant language..perferably your own little language.

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ever notice that when people like your ideas they take them?






Munchy: there should be playe rowned toilets and porter potties.


player1: you [developmentally delayed]. thats [developmentally delayed]ed.


*on a differant forum*


player1: wouldn't be cool to have player owned toilets and porter potties?


player2: ya!! that would be sweet!


player3: awesome idea, i support.


player4: i support 100%!






why can't you drink milk?




for a game alot of young kids play there is alot of alcohol usage..especailly if your doing fremenik trials..good thing they don't have DUI's..probally why they have'nt introduced carrages or chariots..i'd be facing alot of DUI charges... :^o :lol:




good thing there no enviromentalist's in this game or i'd be screwed..




i learned how to put bronze arrowheads on an arrow shafts at lvl 1.i dont think i need to wait 74 lvl's just to learn how to put a differant colored metal on an arrow shaft.




why is there no broccoli in runescape?..because it has bran...right?




can you make lard in runescape?




what is the void knight doing while your protecting him?




why can't i go into the portal on pest control?




why can't i make butterd toast?




yes, i think i pet giraffe would be cool.




that's all for today folks

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i chopped down a maple..wheres my syrup?




have you ever gotten these 2 words mixed


giggle and jiggle?




^^those made me fall out of my chair...


bravo =D>

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You and i both think alike. I think we were deprived as children. I know that i personally also did a lot of this : :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: #-o. Ahh the good old days *sigh*.



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