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Well when my computer was bugged, accs stolen, along my my moms credit card (ebay name and pass, paypal name and pass) the person went to ebay and bought over $4000 in partyhats, accs, and other rares/gp which is insane




We did a charge back with paypal, and the credit card company sorted it out as well, but this guy now has 5-6 billion gp on rs, all my runescape accs (he knows the old passwords and transaction numbers and what not, so no matter how many times i change recovs and pass, he gets them back) and we have no way of tracking him down




Name: IPAdmin-PBI




Company: Pacific Bell Internet


Address: 268 Bush St. #5000


City: San Francisco


StateProv: CA


PostalCode: 94104


Country: US




I love that " you last logged on from" thing for rs




Thats him thanks to some friends at the SODB, but no one believes me that its him!




Sad or what? Someone risking jail for some virtual money








Yes i know i copy and pasted this from another thread, and yes i know Ill probably get baned, or have the address removed, but I want to see what all of you think about this

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Yes we have tried the police but since the "where you last logged in from" thing isnt enough "proof" for the police, the cant do anything




And im going to visit my uncle who lives near there in a week so depending on how big he, or his dad is, I may go pay them a visit

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A hacker that gets his IP traced? OWNED! I hope you get your account back (wouldn't it be *awful* if that hacker stored his phats on your account).


2146 overall - 136 combat - 6 skillcapes


Plus I think the whole teenage girl thing will end soon (hopefully), because my girlfriend is absolutely in love with him(she is 18), and im beginning to feel threatened by his [Justin Bieber] dashing looks.

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I'd just suggest going on a stake-out.




I'd wait like 4 days or something and let the account be by itself. Then get onto runescape.com at 12:00 am (midnight) California time, and send in a query. Then just stay there for 1, 2, maybe... 12 hours :roll: and wait until they approve the pass change, then log on and viola, phr33 phats.

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Locking this topic for right now.




In general, we can't offer effective advice except to contact Jagex CS and get things sorted out with them. Make sure you have your agreement numbers-- they carry a bit more weight than password recovery questions. Jagex can handle this-- we can't, really.




Drop me or another mod a line on how things go, and then we'll go ahead and unlock the topic.

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