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What to put on my new computer?


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Hi, on Thursday I will be recieving my new computer which I will use to acess the internet etc. and was wondering if anyone had a short list of free programs maybe to put on my conmputer to secure it from spyware and viruses and to generally keep it healthy.




Also please mention any other programs which could be useful.





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Read the stickies for advice on what software to use.



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Avg Anti Virus


Norton Antivirus and Firewall


Spybot S&D






Norton isn't free (unless you want to go "elsewhere" for it). It doesn't need to be used along side AVG either.




Add Adaware to that list after dropping Norton and you've got a good start.

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I got those things downloaded now, besides norton I got AVG though.




I now have a question should I get sygate firewall or zonealarm firewall?




Thanks again.




Zonealarm I used for a long time before I got Mcafee. Awsome firewall for free.




Sygate I believe was bought by symantec (the people who make Norton) and it's not free anymore.

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Norton is a pain in the arse and has caused me more trouble than it has good and from what I've gathered, alot of other people haven't had exactly good experiences with it either. Further more, its a resource hog and difficult to uninstall.




So if i were you, i would stay away from Norton and just stick with AVG or some other less irritating anti-virus program.

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I actually have a few things from there to help my computer. Most of which is used mainly for freeing up unnecessarily used space and what-not. I highly suggest AVG Free Edition (anti virus).





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