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will this computer be able to ply Runescape?!


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okay, I found a computer for 50 bucks which is an upgrade form what i have now. and i will upgrade with some of my other stuff.




its pentium 3 750mhz with 128mb ram. 8 gb hardrive Windows 98.




and what i am upgrading it with:




another 262mb ram,another 7gb hardrive and windows 2000.




so that comes to about:




Pentium 3 750 mHz, 390mb ram, 15gb Hardrive, Windows 2000 or Windows 98 SE.




any suggestions, it has internal soundcard....:x and it doesnt have a good video card, at only ATI Rage Pro 3. but i am thinking of upgrading if possibly with another 512 or 1gb ram.




im not really well with computer tlk, but i cant afford a new computer, im broke =(


anyways...suggestion, i need help

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Runescape is about as low as you can go for graphics in terms of Online MMORPGs. I can't think of another game that's much worse. Oh that's right, RSC! Compare it to guildwars and Camelot and you'll see.




That comp is way more than enough to play RS. Just make sure you get something slightly better than Dial-Up. My computer is worse than the one that you're buying (Pentium II, 64 RAM, Dial-Up, ATI RAGE TURBO PRO [No on-board or 3D support lol]) and I can almost run RS faster than a frame by frame pace. (Drop parties are NOT fun.)




But the good news is is that you can play classic games like Rainbow 6 :D :thumbsup:

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