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I know that for some things like wc, 1 person can prevent another person from getting a log. Like you have a betetr chance of getting a log with just you, han 1 other person. I am just wondering if the same thing goes for fishing. If it does, I'll know to move to the farthest spot in catehrby to get mroie lobs, if not, ty for telling me




in case you didn't read this whole thing




Does the numebr of people at a fishing spot affect the chance of getting a fish?


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actually it does matter. I've tried it after a system uptade if u fish and no ones there u'll see that u like never have to change spots. But it doesnt affecct ure speed mroe ppl just means more walking.


that's probably because less people = less randoms (i consider moving fishing spots to be randoms, in addition to whirlpools and those fish that steal your equipment)

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i know for sure that it do's not matter (lvl 76 fishing) i prefer crowded places cause i mostly fish 6k lobs after each other and you get bored so then you can talk i got some advice search for someone with same lvl that is fishing near the same amount and make noob story's together its much more fun when fishing that way :D

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