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Zeppelins Sexy Sigs!!!


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Guest Armagedon46disabled

wow could u make me one the same style as monkey but with a normal looking tree not bananna one, and put a guy in full wiz t cutting it and put the name "Ragdim" and "Level 3 Combat" if so ty




or ur other stlye plz do whatever looks better

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ok i havea funny idea






i want the numa numa guy...standing in the dessert with a big hole in his chest






text says: NOOB GOT PWN'T oh and a whole bunch of beggarish looking guys pointing and laughing at him on the side...i want his eyes to be x's and his tounge to be lolling out




tell me if you need a pic! :lol: i like it :) :lol: :mrgreen:








Listen to the mighty words of Bloodredsword.

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Do you make MSN sigs? they're not much different cept they're kinda tiny.




96 by 96.




Colours : mostly Red & black if possible.




Wording: Deliar or DeLiar or De Liar... yea :P




Don't really like actual pictures in so not sure what to say lol.




PM me the sig or whatever.




Thanks :)


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K, if you could make this for me, that would be soo awesome.






K, picture this.




Me: Whip, Full rune.


Other guy: Full drag, minus Med helm, which is replaced by Red P hat, and whip.


Situation: He's running from my tremendous wrath. He is almost out of the Wildy. 1/3 of health bar left. I get in one last hit with whip. KO'd. But, the whip is wrapped around his ankle so he can't escape. I want there to be a huge difference in the Wild and the regular world. Like, Wild is dark, and the trees are mangled, while the Regular world is bright, and happy.




I would love you if you made this for me.

~~Let The Dragon ride again, on the winds of time~~


I've always felt as if I'm the only person who can understand the concept of sarcasm on the internet.

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