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Pyromancer, next time you touch my signature, dont take everything about buddy.

This is Zoidnerd, im banned on rs for 2 moar dais so smd kai? Btw a cooked bread once told me he did things to little boys. I didnt name any names so deal with it.

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well now, the goal for starting desert treasure has been more than completed, and there are a few stories behind it.


-didn't get 53 thieving until the other diamonds had been found


-only died once, and that was because of carelessness at damis.


-i finished the 70 mage goal at the end, but lost the picture to poison...(hence, half a goal, still need defence)

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i see you got whip and d med...you could start your own whip merchanting thing :ohnoes: now i have to get to work on making some money :shock:

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