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  1. Its not stalling, its trying to go in VTOL mode so you can glide over things. I hate the F-35 though, against the Su-35, I feel like the SU-35 wins. Anyone else find it fun when you can hit a jet with a Tank shell? Done it 3 times already and finding it pretty funny, yet its happen to me once :c
  2. Most jets have cruising heights of around 8,000-10,000 meters in the air. Does anyone else think the F-35 is not a good fighter for air to air combat in BF3? I feel like it can't make a good banked turn like the F/A-18 or the Su-35E.
  3. sithlord_man


    Go to the Sierras, mainly at 9000 feet up at Heavenly Valley at Tahoe. There's still a 4-5 foot base of snow. Then again, it could have melted be by now, because that was 2-3 weeks ago... ASIDE FROM that....Got some college thing today...Bleh.
  4. Been there, done that, dislike the 1m exp/level that's coming up :cry: Owned.
  5. We Can make the World Stop - The Glitch Mob
  6. sithlord_man


    During a workout, got offered and Internship at a start up company for a fitness device, thought that was pretty cool. I don't know if I will take it since I leave in August for college... Other than that watching baseball and planning on heading out to a track thing today.
  7. sithlord_man


    I do remember you :3 Love you too. I've been off and on. Mainly focusing on college cross country training. Today, when morning comes by (its about 12am right now), I'm going to hit the track and do some speed workouts and then later on do a recovery run in preparation for a track meet tomorrow.
  8. sithlord_man


    Watching the FIFA Women's World Cup right now. Then I got some calculus to study for over the summer ;-;
  9. Starting my first 100 mile week tomorrow :thumbup: Looking forward to the 16+ miles of running.
  10. I just beat Mass Effect 2 on what I thought was Insanity...later found out it was Hardcore....All I can say is screw that, I seriously do not want to play th WHOLE DAMN CAMPAIGN AGAIN because of it -.-
  11. sithlord_man


    Finding out that I can finally start training again after getting a ankle/tendon injury. Best day of summer right now. Oh, and waiting for a trip down to Northern AZ for College Orientation. :thumbup:
  12. I don't consider Game 3 of the SJ series a blowout for VAN, They almost came back. Last nights game, yeah, that was a blowout. Or an utter thrashing.
  13. Ran a new 10K best, 38:13, down from my last timed one of 44:36 last year and down a minute from an unofficial time of 39:23. Just were I want to be before I go to college and try and make the XC/TF team there. Sadly, only ran 4 miles since Summer started, out with an ankle injury. Most likely it is tendon issues, but I've already lost 2+ weeks of training from it.
  14. sithlord_man

    E3 2011

    That...was...amazing... Left speechless. I really...really...can't wait.
  15. Mass Effect site is getting all ready for ME3 it looks like. They also got preorders slots ready.
  16. I wish I was in Winnipeg right now.. Time to have a beer in their honour When I went to Arizona for a college trip, the sports station there was freaking out about the Coyotes could have moved to Winnipeg. They were also talking about the financial issue with them and freaking out about that too. At least I'll have a hockey team to root for next year since I won't get the Sharks game in Flagstaff :thumbup:
  17. That was the weirdest game winning goal ever. I was pleased with how the game was played. I seriously thought the Sharks were going to win.
  18. Sharks have no discipline. I'm extremely disappointed in how they played this series. They need to take less penalties if they want to win.
  19. Sharks played like crap in game 2. SI just hope they keep Eager benched for the series. He played like an idiot for taking so many penalties. Right now, game 3 is looking good. Sj is 2/3 on the power play and Marleau is FINALLY being a big player, he's got 2 goals! *shock* SJ is playing really good right now. Enjoying the game really well :D
  20. Thank you guys.

    College in 3 months or so :o

  21. VAN-SJ Game was good. Like previous games, the Sharks flopped in the 3rd. Huge disappointment with the Sharks right...
  22. I blame the whole team, Seriously, they got 6 shots in the first period, they usually get at least 10. It was pitiful how bad they played. Neimi played like a freaking boss, but he had no support at all, a reason why they lost.
  23. SJ-DET Series is going to Game 7. I SERIOUSLY hope SJ puts it away at home.
  24. Ran a 2:06 for the 800. 9 second PR and it put me 9 Seconds from the 50 year old school record. Set the best time for our school for the season too. Going to train this summer to try and set the unofficial record now... Last race for track for me is the 3200m....Going to try and run 10:10-10:15...if possible, try and run 9:58. EDIT: On that same note: Ran a 26 second PR. 10:18 two mile for my last HS meet, played 7th in district, and finished with the top time for the year at our school. If two people drop for the mile, I will be going to sectionals. Also, likely going to sectionals for the 4x400 as an alternate in case someone gets injured.
  25. Game 4 of the SJ-Detroit Game was good. The Wings really pushed SJ down in the last few minutes and got their win. Really thought it was going to overtime before the Wings put the hammer down on the Sharks. Can't wait for a hard fought Game 5, I applaud the Sharks for trying their best for the sweep. :thumbup:
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