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results of first trip to cave horrors... quite a few mistakes on the way, bought too many monks, ended up eating many to get invent space, and then needing them later in the trip.




the loot:


clue scroll ( \' )


nature talisman


5 toadflax seeds


2 corn seed


2 lantadyme seeds


1 avantoe seed


one poison-ivy seed


35 nature runes


12 teak logs


1 cactus seed


1 emerald


roughly 2k coins

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that's some goodlooking whatever they are :shock:


where did you buy those? =P~


that's what happens when your dragon stuff and red castlewars decorative falls in to a bucket of silver paint...


totally not the secret to armo(u)r trimming :anxious:


lol... i just grab a paintbrush and paint it to look trimmed! ::'


I now control frogs and serpents!mwuhahaha.

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well now, change of plans.


theiving can wait, want to see how long i can take... FIREMAKING!!!

Stole my goal :notalk:




well i stole your goals :P

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