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About Me

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If you got to this page by clicking the link in my signature, than this first section is probably the only important one for you to read. Below it is more information about me/what I'm all about, but this is the important matter to me at the moment, therefore it comes first.

The Saving Tip.It CD Campaign was founded by Team Dan, or more specifically, three members called Amateurnoob, Dandaman619, and Pyrox. These members decided that Tip.It CD was severely lacking in quality and intelligent posts, and that the same spam messages were showing up all over the place. Examples of this include the infamous "Gratz <clanname> :thumbup:" Another problem on the Tip.It clan boards is the imperiously strict moderation. The friendlier community on Tip.It is nice in comparison to RSC, however we definitely don't need to pick flowers and hold each others hands like the moderators seem to be keen on forcing us to do. Consistent trolling can be a problem, yes. However flambaiting and heated discussion is a normal part of the clan world and should be treated as such on these boards. A simple way for you to help this campaign grow is to simply add the graphic to your signature, along with taking the true poster challenge (which is basically an easy competition to make smart topics with discussion value on them, and to stop making 2 word posts.) It's all up to users like you to make this campaign grow to help revive Tip.It's Clan Discussion and overall Clan Boards, just start being active in that area of the forum, and even if you aren't in a clan yet you'll find you definitely want to join one after reading some of the intense fights and mind-boggling topics that are sure to pop up!

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Hi, my name is Ralph, and my RuneScape username is Darkpyro1632 (Display is Inception.) I am really into clanning, because it's the most interesting aspect of RuneScape. RuneScape Clanning is basically my life whilst playing the game, as it surprises me even today after a few years under my belt how RuneScape clanners have created and shaped their own diverse world. I am currently in Resilience, a wonderful clan that you should consider joining! My favourite skills in RuneScape are Ranged, Fishing, Mining, and Smithing. My best stat is currently 99 Fishing.

I love to play hockey, I play as a defencemen, and it's a really great sport. I like to chill with friends, and to just have fun/party, just like all teenagers. I live in Ontario, Canada, and I am proud of that because I'm proud to be Canadian. I'm currently aiming for maxed melee combat, including 99 Attack, 99 Strength, 99 Defence, 99 HitPoints. After that I will be building up my bank and and buying 99 Ranged and 99 Magic with the reserve cash I have. I plan to take 99 Prayer as well, however much more slowly as from 80-99 it costs around 290Million, which is the reason I will be taking it slowly (maybe 5 levels per month.)

Although my clan history is by no means lengthy, I believe in staying loyal to whatever clan I'm in unless I have an excellent reason for leaving or joining a different clan. I have some decent leadership experience in clans and teams, and always put for 110% effort to help my clan regardless of how well or how poorly we are performing.

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99 Strength---> Currently 96(Began at 92)[93][94]
99 Attack---> Currently 95 (Began at 92) [93][94]
90 Prayer---> Currently 84 (Began at 80)
99 Constitution---> Currently 97 (Began at 93)[94] [95]
99 Magic---> Currently 88 (Began at 80)
85 Slayer---> Currently 77 (Began at 72)
99 Farming--->Currently 82 (Began at 65)
99 Mining--->Currently 88 (Began at 85)
90 Dungeoneering--->Currently 61 (Began at 1)

Click on the [##] beside each goal to view a picture of me gaining that level. My current goal is 99 mining and 99 farming, hoping to get mining within the month (and start up on my Dungeoneering goal after that) and in the meantime get 90 or 95 farming on trees/herbs, than 99 from Vinesweeper. Once I'm done all of that, probably going to train my Attack and Strength through slayer (using Kuradal) and then probably get my ranged up to 90 or 95 before starting to use red chinchompas to 99. Once I've got all that over with just going to buy 99 magic and possibly hit up for 99 Dungeoneering, depending on if I'm still playing or not.

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99 Fishing--->July 2008
99 Fletching--->September 2008
85 Mining--->November 2009
99 Defence--->July 2010
99 Thieving--->August 2010

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KO Unit Clan | December 2007-July 2008 | Posted ImageCouncil | Left on mass leave to found Downfall
Downfall | July 2008- July 2009 | Posted ImageLeader and Posted ImageFounder | Left because a great number of friends of mine wanted me to join a PvP-oriented clan
Illusion | July 2009-October 2009 | Posted ImageScout+ (About to have been promoted to Posted ImageCouncil) | Illusion Closed. Would have never left, best community I've seen
Downfall | February 2010-April 2010 | Posted ImageMember | Quit to raise grades in school
Legacy | April 2010-June 2010 | Member | Legacy closed it's doors as part of an internal staff conflict. Most pathetic closure I've ever seen.
Resilience | June 2010-August 2010 | Posted ImageManager | Resilience closed do to a poor leadership decision on merging the clan with Genocide. Was a fun clan to be in and wouldn't have left unless something much more appealing stood out to me.
Downfall | August 2010-Present | Posted ImageMember | Again, I'm in Downfall. Still have lots of friends here and am really grateful for them accepting me again. A bunch of them do hate me and I'm fine with that because I'm fine with sticking to a clan with one or two really close friends that I'll pull through with.
Nexus | September 2010-Present | +Trial Member | Just decided to start out my first skilling clan. Never though of joining one before but a good friend of mine got me to join Nexus. I'm still in Downfall so hopefully I can actively participate in both clans for the remainder of the time I play.

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Team Power Rangers | July 2009-February 2010 | Posted ImageHigh Council | Got banned because of Dandaman619, whom I love
Team Ethiopia | October 2009-October 2009 | Posted ImageApp Manager | Closed in about a week after no activity

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Clan Chronicle Author: I am currently helping out the Clan Section on Tip.It Forums writing articles for the Clan Chronicle. If you do not know what the Clan Chronicle is, please click Here to view the last issue. If you have any ideas for articles, or want to help write one, PM me.

Clan Board Poster: I am avidly posting and offering input and advice on the Tip.It Forums Clan Boards. From Clan Discussion to trying to make or break peace on the Aftermath topics, I am on every clan board trying hard to learn as much as I can about different individuals and whole clans alike.

Saving Tip.It CD Crew I am currently one of the founders of the Saving Tip.It CD Crew on these forums. More information on this can be found at the beginning of my profile.

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Posted ImageMSN Messenger:ralph_b1@hotmail.com
Posted ImageSkype:Ralph-Pyro
IRC Nicknames:Ralph, Ralph`Away, Ralph`AFK
PlayStation Network:xx-pyro
Tip.It Forums:Pyrox

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