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Demoliboy's top 10 boss fight in all gaming

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Demoliboy2's top 10 boss fights in Videogames




Aaah boss fights, what we are all waiting for when playing most games. Some are increadible and other dissapointing. But I'm writing this to honour those who are rememberable for all eternity.


Everything will be taken in account: Music, gameplay and challenge. Most of all, the fun-factor though.


Also, please remember i'll not stick to the "One x per franchise", if a Franchise has 3 awesome boss fights then i'll honour them all.


Lets get started shall we?



Number 10

Nomad - Runescape




Let's start with runescape, Nomad is a beast. Period.


It is not a genetic modified monster, it's not a mutant, it's not a god. It's a warrior just like you obcessed with his secret.


He has all gadgets to stop you and will put a phenomenal fight. Now people have an easy life with all those guides floating around, but back in the release day, we were shocked, SHOCKED to see the strenght of this man. It was only comparable to Corporeal beast, but this time possible and fun.


Nomad, congratulations, you won this place.




Number 9

Bowser- Super Mario Galaxy




Bowser had many chances to beat Mario, and his try in mario Galaxy wasn't properly it's hardest fight, but it was the most amusing. Why? Let's check then:


1. Best. Music. Ever.



It still gives me the chills.


2. Awesome stage, specially the Volcano Sphere section.


3. He Actually Dies in this Fight! (He is ressurrected though)


Bowser, your a mafia king (there will be brawl reference yay!), but 9 is good enought for you.



Number 8

The Mana Beast- Secret of Mana (denkei densetsu 2)




Entering 16-bit territory now, Secret of Mana had some of the best boss Fights in history. Too bad some where just pallet swaps of past challenges...


But not the Mana Beast oh no. the Mana beast was humoungus (sp?). It was invulnerable to everything but the Mana sword. It had level 8 spells (you can only go up to lv 7 without cheating) and a kick-[wagon] sprite.


But the best? the Music:



Between this and the Final Bowser theme in Mario Galaxy is a fierce rivalary for who has the best theme. And it's no easy choice either.



Number 7

Barroth- Monster Hunter Tri




Monster Hunter is a franchise designed around boss battles. In fact, thats what the games are about. You muscle through 5 hours of boring fetch quests and you are presented with your first boss fight, and it's awesome. And hard. And rewarding. And REALLY hard.


The barroth is nowhere near the first boss, in fac, he is more of a mod stage boss. But man, that guy's a [wagon]. Here is a guy fighting him for example:




Notice that charge attack? It's increadibly fast and hard to avoid, and takes a crapton of health if it hits. But the worse part? After you injure him he starts doing that 3 times in a row, EVEN IF IT CONNECTS. And it's awefull to loose a fight with that cheap strategy. When i finally killed him i felt like destroying the corpse with my bare hands and wear his head as a trophy. Mind, he is only here thanks to the challenge and gameplay, there isn't nothing that special about him other then that.


PS: I once was a hit or two from finishing it when he comboed me from full health to dead. And yes it was my last continues. And yes it sucked.



Number 6

Giant Enemy Crab- Metal Slug 3




It's a Giant Enemy Crab! With Guns! and other smaller Enemy Crabs! Nazi! What is there else to say?!?



Number 5

Gannon- Zelda Series




Instead of clogging up the first half of the list to this guy I'll just put all of them in one spot. EVERY ganon fight was awesome. Great Music. Great Strategies. Great fun. Some of them even have cool glitches like the fishing rob in TP.


Also, he always had a great design. My favourite still is the one in TP, but both LttP and WW were very awesome. OoT was alright, but not an hallmark if you ask me.


And he is only weak to sacred blades and silver arrows! So must either be a god or Richie Rich to beat him. Hero of time also works though.


Anyways, gannon, congratulations, you made it.


Number 4

Akuma- Street Fighter 2/4/Alpha3




Sp you become addicted in Street Fighter, spend all your quarters on Arcades and one day you menage to get to the Final Boss, M.Bison, without even taking a hit from any of your oponents.


Suddently a flash appears on screen and M.Bison is dead. What happened? Akuma apeared.


He is strong. He is Fast. His special takes a whole bunch of your life bar. He is a Real challenge. Without any comparisson to any of the fighters in the roster.


He has been nerfed further and further during the evolution of the Street Fighter Franchise, but these 4 games have the best representation of him imo, choose your favourite.




Number 3

Lagiarcus- Monster Hunter Tri




Let's come back to Monster Hunter shall we? So, you just get access to a new area, you find your first boss in it and you discover its a semi-clone of your first boss.


Then you comeback to the village, and Lagiarcus is on the run again. First you only need to scoff him off. THEN you need to kill it. It took me 45 minutes, always begging for my life, to finish this beast. It was fun throughout the time, without getting stale.


But why is this boss so high on the list? Because it was friggin hard. Not barroth Hard mind you, where he just kept spamming one attack until he took you down, Lagiarcus was a beast of all proportions.


Boasting an increadible design, lagiarcus really felt like the king of the seas, and made you work for his death. I only managed to kill him in time (both quest timer and potions running out) thanks to his large time underwater, where it was easier to evade thanks to the bigger freedom of movement. and the armour? Well, its awesome:





Lagiarcus, i had a great time with you, but the following are just better:



Number 2

Omega Ridley- Metroid Prime 3




Ridley is a Boss Symbol in the Metrois Series. There isn't any Metroid game apart from Prime 2, Hunters and return of Samus without him. And you know what's more impressive? He always puts up a nice challenge.


No matter how well do you know his attack patterns and his weaknesses he always is one step ahed of you.


Metroid Prime 3 had 2 Ridley fights, 1 of them in a shaft with a meters countdown before you were squated on the ground.


Omega Ridley is the ultimate form of Ridley: a Cibernetic-Phazon-Enhaced-Fire-Dragon with guns and an awesome chest plate. He would charge at you, he would drop bgombs he would disapear only to comeback in earthquake form. And the theme? perfect for him:




Why isn't it at number 1? two reasons:


1. The number 1 deserves it more


2. It's theme isn't either of these:





Ridley, you are great, but you know who's better?





Number 1

Trainer Red- Pokemon Gold/Silver/Remakes




So you just complete this beast of game that is Pokemon Gold, you finish beating Green (YES, GREEN, blue is the girl <.< ).


Then, professor Oak Tells you Mt.Silver is now acessible. And there you go, you finally find Sneasels, Misdreavus and Larvitars.


You finish climbing the mounts and what do you find in the summit? Pokemon Trainer Red. Holy [cabbage] !


He... is a challenge. Every pokemon is at level 80 or more, he has all the Kanto Starters, he has Espeon, he has Snorlax.


You know whats the worse? you need HM's to reach him, so you reach him with a few crappy pokemons. Also, every single trainer you~faced so far had the best pokemon in lower 70's, and now he gets all the 80's? And one pikachu at 90? Wow.


He is also one of the few selected who aparently have a mind and swtch pokemon when they are chance-less (ex: pikachu facing a golem)


And the theme? Filled with suspense and energy, perfect for the situation and without any kind of competition in battle themes, THIS is the ultimate champion theme:




But apart from these reasons, why is it in first?


1. HE IS NOT ASH: Aleluia, just because he has a pikachu doesn't mean is his the [kitten] of the cartoon who uses bad pokemon. He is an incredible trainer with beast trained to do whatever he wants, and he has no regrets.


2. He is so cool he never says a word. One could say he is the chuck norris of pokemon.


3. He is the trainer you commanded in pokemon gen1, how cool is that.


And he only has one flaw: the pikachu. Seriously Game Freak, you could have placed a aichu or an Electabuzz, even an Ampharos, but a pikachu? Bad choice...





Anyways, this was my top 10 bosses in Videogames, feel free to comment, write your own list in reply and suggest new top 10's.



This has been Demoliboy2, Tip.It's unnofficial priest of Guthix.



PS: I've been largely abcent due to Monster Hunter Tri, and probably will be for a while. Also, exams are closing in.

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Recommended Comments

You missed the sky boss from twilight princess! :'( other than that, very good :)

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Red was easy, the only other i know is bowser and he was liek only 3 lives


I made a guide for Nomad and i did it without a guide so i guess he was easy with 11 brews left


Other i would add are tabuu from ssbb


kor from jak 2


Utima weapon from final fantasy


phantom from phantom of hourglass kinda


Damn nostalgia..time to play final fantasy 8 over again

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I hated Red. Very much. I cannot remember how many times I died to his Snorlax. Too many times.

Nice list.

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Red needed a Pikachu..


Hell, whenever you say Pokemon, people should immediately think of Pikachu.


Everyone loves Pikachu.

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You never played serious sam did you? Now that game has some epic boss fights.

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monster hunter doesnt deserve two spots imo. thinking back in time, crash bandicoot and kingdom hearts had some great fights that i still remember to this day.

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mckinzy forgets to mention how he spent over 4m in supplies failing to kill him :thumbdown:

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I'm grateful that you put that bastard Gouki in there, but Flandre Scarlet is missing.

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Butbutbut where is Demyx from Kingdom Hearts?!?! That guy is a [bleep] to defeat. Easier than Xemnas if you ask me. Glad you didn't include Sephiroth, since he has been in too many lists like this. :thumbup: And what do you mean Blue is the girl? Blue is to games as Gary is to TV show... Blue = guy, green = the girl, atleast that's the way it is in the comics... right?

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Damn right on Omega Ridley being in there, but methinks the first Meta Ridley fight from Prime 3 beats that one!

Just the serious epic-ness of falling through the generator shaft while blasting ridley and alternating between falling further and behind it and it grabbing you..


Just saaaaweeeet. Nomad def had to be the best from Rune though, and a fairly good list for the rest of them, though I feel somethings missing... Il let that prey on my mind a few days..

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Nomad I agree on, Ganon I agree on. Haven't played any of the other games, so I can't offer an opinion on that.


If I were to suggest anything be added to this list, I'd say the boss in the Courage Temple of LttP, although that was more of a "@#[email protected]! I fell down AGAIN?!?" fight.

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Tbh I found Jad to be A LOT harder than nomad. But I suppose, for Jad if you do everything right, you're guaranteed to win, with Nomad you can do everything right and he can still hit multiple 300's for the KO and is therefore harder.


But the absolute hardest boss in any video game ever has to be Absolute Virtue. Without a doubt.


I don't even play FF XI but I do know how impossible it is to beat. Well, no-one has ever done it without using cheats. Some of the best attempts have taken clans of people 48 hours straight for it just to reheal itself to full hp without any mana cost.

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I think that I may be the only person on TIF to not have ever played a Pokemon video game.

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Red doesn't deserve spot 1....I defeated him with my jinx lvl 100....even though the battle was difficult not as difficult as nomad

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Red doesn't deserve spot 1....I defeated him with my jinx lvl 100....even though the battle was difficult not as difficult as nomad

Because Runescape and Pokemon are totally the same genre right? Kind of hard to compare the two.

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The one handed drumroll is a parlour trick of us percussionists. People think its incredible, but it is unbelievably simple to do for anyone whos been playing the drums for a year or more.


Anyway, nice list. You should play Shadow of the Colossus some time.

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Man, i didn't think i would get so many replies for this top :-o :thumbup:


Butbutbut where is Demyx from Kingdom Hearts?!?! That guy is a [bleep] to defeat. Easier than Xemnas if you ask me. Glad you didn't include Sephiroth, since he has been in too many lists like this. :thumbup: And what do you mean Blue is the girl? Blue is to games as Gary is to TV show... Blue = guy, green = the girl, atleast that's the way it is in the comics... right?


Actually, in tha manga, There is Red (main guy), green (rival guy) and blue (thieve girl)


Also, i wanted to note that altough i have played many videogames, i have been somewhat abcent from gaming in he ps2 era and the n64 era, so i didn't play some games i wished i could play (ie: KH and FF's mainly)


Other bosseas aforementioned aren't her for certain reasons, like i didn't find it very fun (like sephiroth who was a cheap [wagon] and other RPG bosses who were ratehr dull)


Oh well, again feel free to comment and write your own reply lists :smile: :thumbup:

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