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HYT Relationships... NEW AND UPDATED!!!




HYT... The chat of champions. The arena of aristocrats. The conglomeration of conglomerates.


HYT is not the kind of area you would expect relationships to spring up. It does not seem like the place where love blossoms, and hearts flutter at the sight of their loved ones, but stranger things have happened...


Nearly two years since the last release of HYT Relationships, their have been some shocking changes to relationships, but some things never change...


Let's see just how much of a change we've had, shall we...?




Dark Marquis

tiny-heart-beats.gif Sorator


Love has no bounds, including distance. A nuclear relationship, the Russian Scotsman recently expressed his undying love for one of the longstanding HYT moderators, and seduced him through a night marathoner The Lord of the Rings. After a whirlwind relationship, they quickly married to the theme of Pirates of the Caribbean. Some fingers have pointed out that while the completionist Mark is an attentive lover (like a boss), he's quick to ignore the gentle Sorator, and can be abusive if he doesn't get his own way. The only response Mark has given to these comments has been "Doesn't matter, had sex."




Brad Maddox/TzTok-Nomad/Starman945

tiny-heart-beats.gif Nova Chonos


While both of these glorious men have no nipples, individuality or sexuality, their love will not be denied. Meeting on Skype, they quickly butted heads, leading to a rivalry on who would steal the heart of "Lucld". After a bloody battle, neither of them were victorious, and in their desperation, they tried to work together, stating that the best man would win. After finding the number of keks that they had in common, the top lels prevailed and they abandoned the quest for Zach, and joined their hearts in loving union. It's hoped that Nova's southern tendencies will not resurface, but Brad has vowed that Nova will not be allowed to see his sister again.





tiny-heart-beats.gif Darkwitchery tiny-heart-beats.gif De Elite One


An epic love triangle has occurred in recent times. While it's not sure if this is a better love story than Twilight, it can not be denied that this is certainly interesting. Throughout each of the issues of HYT Relationships, Darkwitchery and De Elite One have been together in harmony. There have been bumps along the road, with DEO's obsession with experience gains, Witchery's obsession with Avantoe seeds and both of their obsessions with donations, but their love has been held together by their love of the money made through Darkwitchery's days of hosting dice games. However, the Irish accent has worn down Darkwitchery's endurance over the years, and she has fallen for Drazhor. Kieran's seductive ways have nearly stolen Witchery's affections completely, but DEO has been fight for her love, and while this epic love saga has not concluded yet, it's sure to have an ending as explosive as Kieran's after missing out on a threesome.





tiny-heart-beats.gif Solemnis


Kimberly has had a rocky few years, after her marriage to myself, the messy divorce and the subsequent relationship with Drazhor which nearly ended in castration, and things don't seem to have got much better! Solemnis had long held an affection for Kimberly, and finally had the courage to admit it to her one night after a few drinks. After waking up with a concussion from Kimberly's trusty baseball bat, Solemnis kept after Kimberly with attempts to persuade her to give their love a chance. After nearly a year, Kimberly gave in with one condition; if Solemnis wasn't able to keep her heart for six months, she would have full power to dismember him while he lived and strangle him with his own intestines. Their relationship is currently in its fourth month, and all that's been revealed to the general public as of late is that Solemnis insists that Kimberly dresses in a Gardevoir suit, and that he affectionately refers to her as "waifu". It has yet to be seen if Solemnis will survive the coming deadline, and odds are running high that dismemberment will occur in the months to follow.




Crazy Eric

tiny-heart-beats.gif Sheepsaurus


The insanity of the Eric can not be tamed. It can not be stopped. It can not be survived... but there is one who can tolerate the madness. Sheepsaurus has long held an affection for Eric's moo, Eric's baa, and the rare occasion of Eric's oink. After a six hour relationship that involved an extreme amount of vodka, the two were married in a Las Vegas stripclub. What will come of their union is yet to be seen, as Eric dodges any attempts to question, but one thing is clear for the future. mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo




Serpent Eye

tiny-heart-beats.gif Tranquil


Upon the long awaited and unexpected return of the Serpent, Tranquil fell to knees with tears of joy. The love they hold for Serpent could not be held back anymore. Years had been wasted in his absence, but now that he was back, Tranquil was determined to make the most of the time they had left. Serpent has reached the ripe age of seventy four, but love can not be stopped by mere things such as age. The banana trick will reign on forever, and the two have been happily doing their thing since the return. One thing is for sure, and that is Serpent had no defence when it came to Tranquil.





tiny-heart-beats.gif Lucld


Lucld was just a poor newb with no goal in life. He was sad, he was lonely, but worst of all, he was ginger. The meeting with Gwyn changed that for him. Becoming enamored with Gwyn, he vowed to impress with his amazing boss hunting skills. Advancing with speed through the ranks of Magic, he bewitched Gwynrwyn, stealing his love for as long as the spell will last. While setbacks such as being PK'd by Nex for a set of Ascension bows have made Lucld furious, he has stated firmly that Gwynrwyn is the love of his life, and only he will be allowed to touch his portal gun.




A Local Guy

tiny-heart-beats.gif The Warrior


While Warrior has long stated that he is too good for anyone, ALG recently caught his eye. There can be no escape from bewitchment of the Local One, and The Warrior has decided to try to put aside his arrogant ways of being a jerk, and try to be the man that ALG would love. It hasn't worked very well, but ALG is patient (he must have been to be my lawyer for some ugly business long ago), and the two of them seem to be happy together. It'll be a shame when their love is tragically brought to an end when I personally kill The Warrior in the Wilderness, as I promised to long ago. Never forgive. Never forget.




Miss Lioness

tiny-heart-beats.gif Dragoon5464


Miss Lioness has long claimed that she is asexual, but you can't get more asexual than a raisin. While it's not certain yet what attracts that completionist Lioness to the Dragoon, it's certainly true that sometimes, something beautiful happens in this world. This issue doesn't really know how to explain itself, so it just has to stop. It can only be hoped that Lioness' dreams of burning do not also apply to her boy-toy.


eejits/Pretoria SA

tiny-heart-beats.gif Shyla/Lady Heinous


While the beautiful Shyla has not been around for a very long time, the love that Jess holds for her will never die. Keeping vigilance that can not be matched while hoping for Shyla's return, woe betide the fool who tries to seduce Jess in the meantime. It can only be hoped that Shyla returns soon, before Jess decides to destroy everyone in an attempt to summon the Evil God herself.





tiny-heart-beats.gif Dragonkng198?


Screams of horror aside, Patrick's love for me is pure and hotter than can be explained. The heat when he talks to me or looks at me is enough to melt diamond. Being between us feels like standing in a pool of lava. Death could be the only expectation from the hot-headed tirade that Patrick would give if you tried to step between him and me. While I am not sure if I return the love and affection he shows me, the dates and gifts can certainly not be turned down. Maybe if he spends enough, there could be a future between the two of us.... it'd have to include Subway though. You never know.





tiny-heart-beats.gif Fails At RS


There isn't a lot that can be said. Look at the order of this relationship. There can be no one worse than Mish. That is all.





tiny-heart-beats.gif Im A Pawya?


It has never been hinted at, but the conspiracy has always been there. The hidden love letters, the chocolates sent, and the mysterious text messages from "Gambler3"... The signs are clear. Scambler3 is trying to steal my woman. These slights can not be ignored, and the plan is already in motion to deal with this insult to me. Sally has shown no signs that Pambler3 has any chance of winning her heart, but I must protect my manly honour. Prepare yourself Damnbler3, your death will be long and painful.






There has been many gaps between the last issue of HYT Relationships and this one... perhaps there will not be as much of a wait next time... beware.




Disclaimer: Please note that not all these relationships may be completely truthful. While most of the sources used for these relationships are reliable, we can not promise that attempts to deny the information found here will not be made. Obviously, anyone that tries to deny these claims come from a communist, and should be shipped out to Russia at the nearest chance.


If your relationship is not on this list, please contact our editors. We apologize that not all relationships are on this issue, but we have a limited working team, and we will endeavor to get your relationship and pertinent details on the next issue. Thank you for reading HYT Relationships, and have a good day.




Warning. This voucher may be expired.

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I was gonna say that despite me not being in this one, it was still fantastic, and you were gonna have to be responsible for Mark's death by asphyxiation. But as it is?
God dammit, Jase.

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"it's sure to have an ending as explosive as Kieran's after missing out on a threesome"

Remind me to kill you sometime


P.S. When were Kim and I in a relationship?


P.PS. Why am I not on this list with myself?

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