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  1. Bump? I have ALMOST finished maxing. All that remains is Inventions (level 89 atm) and I have it banked. I have also been dumping my bank into as3 components, and the next weapon i augment and disassemble will be my Nox Staff for that biting 3. Plan to have all the components i need for them deeps perks by the time I Max. After I max I plan on setting up a twitch account and streaming a "rebuild after max" series. Where I start w/ no GP and no tradeable items (except runes/food/pots bc im lazy and cbf actually cleaning out my bank). I will start with an attuned crystal bow and that t75 staff that Jagex gave us for free a while back. I will slay/pvm to build up my gear to get perked up t90s and stuff for high end bossing. If anyone thinks they would watch me stream, go follow my twitch channel at twitch.tv/vanngeaux I'll update w/ pics and stuff once I actually max. EDIT: Also, I'm in search of a clan. After being in SoDB years ago and rejoining like 2 years ago, I had a falling out with one of the leaders (middle aged woman who just happens to be super immature). So now I'm banned from even guesting in the cc. My only advice for SoDB is to look into the clan and see where their true problems lie because there have been many people who have left or were kicked/banned because of drama having to do with one certain individual. At some point you have to wonder who is the real culprit.... Anyways, yeah let me know if anyone has a pvm clan that is looking for members. I haven't done Telos or AoD yet and I've never solod Nex, but I'm a quick learner and will have all the gear i need sooner than later.
  2. O shiz. Hows the music going, keep seeing your stuff on FB. HMU in game scrub
  3. Mainly 99, but depending on what I'm doing I may be on 119 or 48
  4. Got 99 WC finally. Next up Thief. Bought my new PC components and should have it built this week. i7 6700k Nvidia GTX 1070 (Asus Strix OC) Z170 mobo 16gb ram (I'll add another 16 down the road) NZXT Kraken x61 cooler (liquid cooler) 120gb Samsung 840 Evo SSD (older but already had) 2TB WD Blue HDD EVGA 550W PSU NZXT s340 case (white) Everything is black or white with rgb lighting. Mouse/keyboard are white with rgb lighting as well. Should look good and perform very well once done. It's overkill for RS but it's more of a productivity rig (video editing) than gaming. But it will run pretty much any game on full settings
  5. Got 99 agil and 96 WC. Just AFKing crystal trees til 99. Next up: Thief RC Hunt Invention Div and DG I'll get from dailyscape. My goal to max by my birthday (sept 10) isn't gonna happen. I mean it's doable, but cbf rushing. Maybe by end of the year?
  6. Haven't been playing much. Afk'd some bamboo while catching Pokemon for Professor Bamb'o on Pokemon Uranium tho. Checked out the arc a bit and bamboo is nice as a break from ivy. Not sure if it's faster or slower.
  7. Ah, doing much better than me then. Only just evolved my first batch with a lucky egg to jump from 14 to 18. Team Instinct, 50/51 pokedex. Did you travel around much to find all those pokemon? I live in the 4th largest city in the States (Houston, TX) so there are a ton of really good places to catch them. Plus I spent a weekend in New York City which helped
  8. They added "Virtual Levels" which goes up to 120 in all skills and they added the master cape at 104m xp (120). You can toggle it in your settings.
  9. Glad to see you around again stone. Like seeing old friends come back.
  10. Longest week ever!Got 99 smith a while ago but forgot to update
  11. 96 Agil 94 Div 91 DG Updated Plans: Should have protean traps for a deece amount of hunt xp. Making all proteans I get into traps. 92/99 WC. After WC gonna either get 99 thief or hunt. Got thief, hunt, WC and RC left to train. Ill get agil with feathers along the way, DG and div with dailies/cache/sinkholes. Invention I'll knock out slaying after everything else is maxed. Ready to get back to 120 slayer/Mage grind. Can't PvM for shit bc my PC. Can't run NXT well (AMD sucks. Nvidia4lyfe). Building a new PC in August. So bc I can't PvM it gives me a reason to power skill to try and finally max so I can get back to what I enjoy (PvM) but also use boss portals. Planned specs: i7 6700k overclocked GTX 1070 16gb ram
  12. Update: got 99 smithing. Banked 99 agil in silverhawk feathers (95 currently). Working on WC 92/99
  13. Corrupted blood plague -World of Warcraft Falador massacre - Some stupid Sailing game Infinite Sword Glitch - Zelda: Ocarina of Time Missingno - Pokèmon Red & Blue Supe-jump - Super Smash Bros?
  14. 96 smithing today. Should have 99 this week. Also got 90 DG and 93 Div. After 99 smithing is gonna be 90 base (88 WC, 86 thief, 86 hunt, 64 inv)
  15. I saw you afk at DG today. I said hey and you ignored me. Lets do something soon
  16. So I got 98 Con and I'll finish up 99 this weekend. Noted flat packs are bae with proteans but I ran out so now I have to actually train con. Also got 93 agil with shb. May do some hefin training for the xp boost this weekend. Also, got 91 div and I'm 1 DG daily from 90 DG. Hopefully get 90 base soon and I need to get back on the invention grind. Which 99 should I go for next? And what should I apply bxp to now?
  17. Noted flat packs + protean planks = 99 construction here I come this weekend Also, gonna agilitize some. Wonder if the +50% bonus xp stacks with clan hour bonus? If so could be good xp with bonus + shb
  18. Can someone change the text color for the OP? Can't read it on mobile
  19. Fishy's bank wasn't in 07. That was from like 2012. Also, it was all of his clans gens and his other rich friends who combined their money on his account for that video. I'd say 50B max was his out of the 250B.
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