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  1. ^is wrong V has 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000k (which i wish i had :pray: )
  2. roxas32


    WOOT IT WORKS :thumbsup:
  3. roxas32


    i hope this works :ohnoes:
  4. ^ is ugly but right V is a heshe
  5. its perfect it needs to be exactly like that ur a god :pray:
  6. well by computer has been broken for about 2 months and this mysteriously appeared in my bank so my question is... WHAT THE HECK IS IT!!!!
  7. hello fellow tipit member i look forward to seeing you on tipit and runescape \ :thumbsup:
  8. you make the classic refrigerator prank call the police blow up the elevator and kills you your soul floats up into the land of broken elavators do u a) return to normal B) stay broken elevator land
  9. B) after calling the pizza place they sent a pizza guy to give you cheese pizza he opens the elevator door to see a half eatin pizza guy laying on the floor while a you are hovering over the body. he runs in fright dropping the pizza do you a) continue eating the body B) grab the pizza or c) go to sleep and wait for it to all blow over
  10. a) you take a dump on the pizza and say you didnt order sausage he punches you in the face but he gets pushed in the elevator with you do you a) eat him and become a canable b)work together or c) fight to the death
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