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  1. The alch price of nats was the only thing keeping nats above 100 gp. Now it's gonna plummet
  2. Monkey knives all the way to 99, think I was getting 240k an hour at 90 and 270k near 99
  3. The rarity of it? Not very likely lol, still possible though. Moreso at higher leveled creatures. You'd have to know the drop rate of the effigy from the monster or a good approximation. If the assumed drop rate is 1/200 for a high leveled monster, it's simply (1/200)*(1/200)= 1/40000 or .0025% that given you kill two monsters in a row that they'll both drop effigies assuming that certain drop rate.
  4. I quit because this game takes too much of my time, then I start playing again because I have too much free time, then I quit because this game takes too much of my time, then I ... well yah it keeps going like this.
  5. Ok cool I had 2 spirit seeds in bank lol. Off to buy the rest. Ty for the help (:
  6. I want to make the most out of farming for this bonus exp week. Meaning I want to be logged in for the 2.7x and 2.5x bonus only doing tree runs, checking, and replanting. Then log back in after they are grown. Which trees are worth doing during this time? I don't think I ever did an actual tree run lol. I'm 87 farming Also how many should I buy
  7. One of the few update threads where majority of the people aren't bashing it lol, I might check it out.
  8. Yeah it was a pain to use urns, lava titans, and juju mining pots because of all the rebanking. Not really sure of a fast way to bank that won't hurt exp/hr
  9. Totally free 250k firemaking exp + 35k woodcutting exp an hour plus jadinko seeds (:
  10. Yeah after a while you can get it in flawlessly. You can pickpocket twice and usually have 2 game ticks left or so til you are able to knock out again which I used to get ready and hover over the punch option til the monkey was able to be ko'd again and immediately steal after.
  11. Don't really need mouse keys if you are able to get 2 steals inbetween each knock out. I was getting 220k exp an hour at 80 thief and around 270k reaching 99 without using mouse keys.
  12. At that level probably superheating is the fastest way to go. It's about 120k-130k smith exp and slightly less magic exp an hour.
  13. Too many to deal with, better off training hunter elsewhere.
  14. I would think I was a big cause of claws dropping to 16 or 17M. :P. Then again, I think the reason they were high before was this: How are claws lost in the game? When they held 32M, they were lost in PvP. If you killed someone and they lost claws, you rarely got them as the drop. Now, not many claws are disappearing. You also get people like me getting a very steady 30+ pairs a month... would still be higher cost if less there were less botters Edit: Did some research and the 3 main botting sites didn't have TD bots and there were threads saying it would be impossible to make because there was no way to predict what combat style it would use next. There are probably more advanced botting sites(cant mention; hint: rid are the initials) that aren't as popular that might have a script like that. highly doubt it due to the feedback on those threads though. Maybe those 'bots' were jsut extremely anti-social People can make private scripts lol, doesn't have to be released to the public. People that create their own script to gold farm wouldn't want others using their bot
  15. Arctic pines may be faster, not sure about at 77 but they are faster at higher levels.
  16. lol i changed my pass after I saw that, I was like wtf did I just get hacked haha
  17. I made about 8M from monkey knife fighters, you get around 220k-280k exp an hour from 80-99 and profit about 200k an hour from the loot. Master farmers are about 70k-100k exp an hour from 80-99 but more like 600k profit an hour. You'll make more money going to 99 thieving from master farmers but monkey knife fighters are alot faster.
  18. What I have left from rc'ing Did a mix of graahk, abyss, and zmi to 99
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