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  1. So basically, Smogoners aren't as smart as we think? So much for playing again when they figure out the tiers. Losing faith in their ability to get it done, especially if they're seriously considering Deoxys. If they ban Reuni, you can use Shinbora the same way. Landlos might even be taken out by ice shard from something slower. Shell Break / Cloyster maybe? That said, any word on Chomp/Ononokus?
  2. The swordfighting game in Wii Sports. Doing better left handed than right.
  3. Alg

    Nintendo 3DS

    Indeed. Especially since the games and virtual console stuff will make drug addiction look cheap by comparison. Copypasting the TVTropes article on it http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Nintendo3DS
  4. 0 Crafting - 30 0 Archery - 76 0 Thievery - 55 Inventory: Iron Dagger Iron Arrows Ghostwood Shortbow Half-carved piece of wood
  5. Or fire types with chlorophyll. Fire gets a power boost while some grass types get a speed boost. Neither gets both. It'd be similar if only ice types had swift swim but water types still got a power boost in rain. That and water is still the most common type. 70% of them is still a lot.
  6. I was going to use gray chins for ranged, but gave up on that because I don't trust the servers. Magic, I was going to use the ranged money to kill metal dragons. Gray chins would cost something like 20m from 80.
  7. 3 hour SODB bandos trip. One person got a hilt and chestplate.
  8. Well deserved title as well. I mean, [cabbage] actually happens in here.
  9. I'm guessing those guys built winning "strategies" on those things, but not the ones they nominated? Or they nominated the main counters to their teams? :razz: Ban Kingdra and Manaphy, you still have Kabutops and Hydration Vaporeon :lol:
  10. Good idea to mute it, the guy himself comes off as an idiot in the intro.
  11. (read: they -- I'm a man, I don't cook anything that isn't meat) For shame.
  12. I think we may have broken Bloodstain's mind. One word post and it isn't even capitalized... [cabbage], is the return policy still good on this one? Trolling aside, it's a bit extreme to say (however indirectly) that a lack of guns would lead to a Nazi-style dictatorship. Not without pretty much everything else that could possibly go wrong ding so as well, at any rate. I mean, maybe if Canada/UK loses and is humiliated in a war and the global economy collapses first... In which case banned guns will be the least of their problems. See, it's not just one crisis that leads to the Nazis. It's several in a row. By which time gun laws simply won't matter :razz: As for America... Part of it may be that we're all trying out best to be desensitized to violence. You can turn on the TV and see a murder play out with the aid of special effects and good acting, you could turn on your game console and blast your way through a million and a half terrorists, or you could see the film and watch that all happen in a dark, air-conditioned room with some popcorn and a soft drink. Our primary sources of entertainment are watching muscular badasses gun down hundreds of people, and Football. Not the weak European one, the manly one where steroid-fueled giants crash into each other. But even with all that, Australia is still more badass-per-capita than we are... :cry: Now if anyone needs me, I'm gonna read a book.
  13. Hati gloves ->: Defense training Apparently can get into the upper 80s/low 90s if I train at a ridiculous and impossible rate.
  14. All he really said was "Google it" before asking how to get it to work when he found one, though.
  15. I'm surprised that nobody pointed out how unbelievably biased the sources themselves are. You guys jump on anyone that posts a FOX news link regardless of the topic, but apparently a source with a sticker that says "We are opposed to oil drilling and exploration on our coast" on the main page or the "World Socialist Web Site" is completely okay. Yeah, I played the media bias card. Though really, the only way to win an argument about anything on the internet is just not to argue.
  16. You wouldn't have to deal with the special attack drop.
  17. Click the box with your name at the top, go to "My settings", and there should be a signature/avatar section in there somewhere. Recommend looking for yourself because there are a lot of other useful things there.
  18. Pretty sure that's how it works. Welcome to the club :thumbup: Going to try a playthrough of HG with mons I'll never use otherwise. Namely the ones I can't get. Things that show up underleveled late in the game, Kanto starters, silver exclusives... :razz:
  19. I am forced to admit that the images you have presented are highly attractive.
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