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  1. Undertale is proving to be the sort of feels trip that I am not prepared to deal with.
  2. Alg


    Was it necrosis? Necrosis is fun. By which I mean the opposite of fun
  3. Alg


    That is a life goal if I've ever seen one.
  4. The color choices in that winning poster makes my inner designer cringe.
  5. Alg


    Yes, but you don't need to have a doctorate in linguistics to write a good book. You would be surprised at how common it is for people to skip on the basic foundation though. I personally know several people that think they can write a good story when they clearly don't know the basic rules of English. They can get by in communication, but you couldn't really even call them skilled, let alone excellent.
  6. Alg


    It's apparently not entirely functional even for people that can access it, so you may not be missing much.
  7. dark souls is an rpg lore doesn't matter ;)Okay let me rephrase:The lore is a platform to allow me to fight Werewolf Cthulhu with a flaming whip sword That is literally the only thing I have ever wanted in life.
  8. Okay, so. Bloodborne. Bloodborne is so good. DS1 was already one of my favorite games of all time but it's just unpolished by comparison. The lore is just so much more engaging, and the combat... I'm not even sure if I can justify using sword and board anymore, not when I've made it that far on a hunter that dies if anything so much as looks at her.
  9. Alg


    It's just a bit hard not to see that angle here.
  10. I'm more surprised that it took them so long to do this. Scape PVPers might have been getting shafted for the last 8 years but there's really no shortage of open-world slaughterfests out there. This is probably what PVP worlds back during the trade restriction days should have been.
  11. On a similar note: 17gb worth of updates yesterday. That sure was a fun thing.
  12. For bonus fun, during the beta Elvarg was literally made of murder, capable of outright ignoring the fact that you had a dragonfire shield. Honestly though, isn't that damage pretty close to the limits of F2P healing? Especially at lower levels when the quest unlocks your T50 chest gear and you're doing like 1/5 of the target audience's health :v And now Ruler of the Tower seems somehow even more obnoxious to get! I didn't think it was possible~
  13. Alg

    10 years

    Yeah I visited GameFAQs first too. It sucked cuz most of the guides were written for RS Classic instead of RS2. This was back in like July 2004. Yup. That was the first time I saw heavy use of ascii-art. ... and pretty much the last time. Ernest the Chicken - Text-only guide. Dear god. That took my 10 year old brain forever back in 2001/2002. The fun thing is that GameFAQs hasn't changed very much :-D
  14. Alg


    Which is sort of where willful ignorance becomes a trap: you won't know that your 'solution' isn't viable and you have every incentive not to find out why that is, or how it could be improved.It's only a trap if it consistently makes you unhappy.But you also wonder why people tend to reject your advice, right? I can't say I've seen many situations as black-and-white as you tend to make them out to be. Oversimplifying the issues or trying to turn the conversation in an entirely unrelated direction isn't the best way to get a point across: the trap is that you can't really help solve a problem that you don't want to understand. At that point it's less about 'helping' them and more about affirming your own world view. It's like, I got into a discussion about conservation with one of my cousins over the summer: the conversation was more frustrating than enjoyable because his 'easy' solutions weren't just wrong, they were irrelevant. Games prior to BW2 aren't region locked (and as above, neither were consoles before the DSi). Even if they were, the current homebrew/region-free exploit is extremely easy :mrgreen:
  15. Alg


    Which is sort of where willful ignorance becomes a trap: you won't know that your 'solution' isn't viable and you have every incentive not to find out why that is, or how it could be improved.
  16. Alg

    Pokemon Thread

    In main series news: Zygarde Brain/Cell/Dog/[bleep]huge mecha forms Greninja that is either a mega/form/something or Ash, or both Z version is most likely a thing based on the fact that the anime called it that. Mega Specials will probably have details, maybe.
  17. Alg


    I did the same before finding out that it was actually pretty interesting. I'd go as far as to say enjoyable, if not for the fact that 'objectively wrong about basic science' would be a vast improvement for a lot of politicians.
  18. Will be getting the game on Tuesday or so. Is there anything I should know in advance?
  19. Alg


    Snails have a lot of really cool things
  20. That ripper demo though. Hell yes.
  21. Alg


    It begins again.
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