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  1. It's also been more than long enough for everyone who likes the grinding-and-goal-setting nature of the game to have accomplished every goal they could possibly want. None of the Runescape games really offer much to do outside of making the numbers bigger It still seems somewhat silly that the community has always adamantly rejected quality of life updates on the grounds that they make things too easy... Like, if the game is only hard because the mechanics are too intolerable for the majority of people to stomach for an extended period of time, then it's just not a good game.
  2. Which is something every single one of us (including you) has been guilty of in one thread or another, so what makes guns so sacred? :-D
  3. But then how are we supposed to tell how many people are still salty about EoC several years after the fact? You know, for science. You check the 2007scape population count for that :P Thank you science side of Tip.It.
  4. But then how are we supposed to tell how many people are still salty about EoC several years after the fact? You know, for science.
  5. Agreeing with this. I'm really not a fan of guns, but I don't really see a reason for openly carrying them to be a criminal offense if you're already legally allowed to own/carry a gun at all. I'd think it makes more sense to make guns and gun licenses harder to get than it does to keep the people who already have them from carrying.
  6. Alg


    Grading relative to the rest of the class just seems like an awful idea from every possible angle.
  7. Alg


    Hearing about those after the fact made me wish the US was a bit less freakishly huge
  8. Merry Christmas! (and other assorted seasonal holidays) Bought very nice gifts for people, which seem to have been well-received. As was the painting for the girlfriend. I have come out of this with legos, clothing, and a book, because i'm an adult
  9. I drew a bunch of gesture drawing and pose demos for a tutorial I'm writing and I ended up not needing them. Edit: wait nevermind found a use for the things
  10. I've seen a lot of people getting back into Skyrim for whatever reason, so you might not be alone. Finally looked into Path of Exile, and it's somewhat daunting. Feels like the sort of game with an impenetrable meta that you still need to get into if you want to get anywhere.
  11. Alg


    [hide] I mean, it makes a ton of sense too. Prequel Jedi are probably supposed to come across as flashy and over-the-top, and it'd sort of feed into the point of them being decadent/complacent (like they're basically trying to fight with martial arts moves that were never intended for real combat). OT Jedi are an old man, another old man with robotic limbs who's only barely alive, and a young man who's had very little training. In the New Trilogy, Ren's got that whole unstable-brute-force thing going and neither Finn nor Rey had ever held a lightsaber before then. It really captures the whole downward spiral thing the series has going on, since there's really no stable environment for anyone to learn after the prequels. Doubt that's what they intended but it's quite a nice touch if so. [/hide]
  12. Fell hard for someone that has excellent taste in music.
  13. Obligatory Sonic Adventure 2 recommendation. If only because Live and Learn exists.
  14. Alg


    Do you have a link for this? Because this sounds huge
  15. Happiness is not having immediate problems and pointing out how other people do.
  16. Alg


    One of my players goes out of his way to insert his character into the backstory of one of the major NPCs, to the point of retconning his own character's background to make him even more artificially important to what he thinks the plot is about. He then proceeds to explode at some of the other players for wanting to follow up on the plot hooks they've been presented with, arguing that his character could easily kill the character who's most invested in the current plot if they don't go his way. He gives up when he finds out that the others are (justifiably) not okay with this, instead of... you know, explaining anything. Shortly after he starts ranting privately to me about how them caring about the plot is ruining the game for him, and they're stupid for caring about the story over the gameplay... The story that he *knows* I'm super invested in, after having invested a fair portion of my free time in the last few months on it. Meanwhile, the gameplay was basically thrown together at the last minute. It's like... does he really think I would agree with him? I love that they're going out and doing these crazy unexpected things, and he's basically spent the whole time belittling them for it.
  17. To be fair, most of us do not come here for the guides and stuff like that. Tip.it at one point was my go-to place for quests clues and even some PVM, and the Archive of Wisdom was pretty great at one point. These days, if I'm doing a quest right on release (which I usually do), I rely on WIki. If I'm doin the quest much later than release, then I'll typically use Tip.it and one or two other fansites (I always use multiple guides simultaneously). I also still use the Tip.it locator for clues, but I never do clues anymore, they just rot in my bank. And I don't really use the PVM guides for new high level bosses, since there's better ones out on Youtube much closer to update, and the rest is learned by experience. I come here mainly for the community. Same, really. I meant back in Ye Olde Dayse, when Tip.It had really good guides for everything.
  18. Alg


    Yeah but the sensitivity defense is just so easy and versatile and honestly it's kind of scary how the internet as a collective seems to love reaching for it as a way to deflect personal responsibility.
  19. Surprisingly, yes. It's just that the stories are pretty self-contained. Some are better than others, mind, but that's true of all story content. :v
  20. Especially since fansite communities tend to be the result of a fair bit of investment. Like, most of the people here have been here for a while, we've got a website with a pretty well-defined culture and everyone knows everyone and so on. But to an outsider we're probably an aging, insular group that's latched on to a site with considerably worse info than the Wiki.
  21. Alg


    Isn't that basically what we've been doing all along though? Like, every argument over the last few years has been fruitless displays of nationalism or political rhetoric that aren't even worthy of being called an argument, let alone a debate. It's like, shouting matches that turn into vaguely bigoted personal attacks because those are easier than even a minimal level of consideration. :v
  22. I'm looking at it more like, hey, these are some weapons that have literally always been vendor trash in P2P, and they could maybe be more useful to free players since they're just straight upgrades to their starting items. Magic has a ton of holes regardless of membership status, it's just a bit silly not to fill the ones in F2P when the items that could do so already exist. *cough*yewbows*cough*
  23. Probably because elemental staves had a nonsensical progression even before EoC and standardizing the tiers only made things worse?
  24. Alg


    Today I did a thing.
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