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  1. No more quests: Ape atoll skeletons for the rest of my life now.
  2. things change i guess heh, I've been around; first real achievement on this account though.
  3. i've been banned enough Kimberly leave me be :P I'll try to at least be more active on this blog from now on, heh
  4. Nah, I'll never be back :P. was just stopping to say hello
  5. First CoD I've ever purchased, usually just found my way around getting to the multiplayer. Game is extremely fun and extremely unbearable at the same time. Knowing Treyarch they'll attempt to fix the lag compensation, I'm begging to go back to just 1 host and 1 only at this point.
  6. Guild Wars 2 and college pretty much. Log in RS every now and then to collect my 700k exp though.
  7. ~350$ according to a site I can't name. Personally would never sell it for that.
  8. sarcasm isn't exactly best portrayed over the internet. Anyway, the nerfing of vehicles entirely in the suppressor patch that made most land vehicles insta disabled to a javelin, sometimes even 1 hit. The patch that changed flare reloading time back...this patch that just disables flares in general for a good heli team. It's pretty painfully obvious they're continuously working their way away from vehicles. Close quarters? If vehicles are the calling card of BF3 why would a map pack with 0 vehicles EVER be released?
  9. not towards the ac130 @ all. EA's general stance against vehicles reflected in the patch notes makes it painfully obvious they just want this to be modern warfare 87 with different maps. It's a damn shame as well.
  10. playing on and off, really enjoy the game and planning to WvW when I gear myself out. If anybody is already and/or planning to get 400 leatherwork please post here or PM me, will be needing several exotics crafted when I hit 80 ;P. One thing I really don't like about GW2 atm is how poorly made cooking is, it's essentially a free ride from 60-70 or so at the cost of like 80 silver.
  11. i've used smoke on every vehicle available since the second i unlocked it. I'm not sure if people use javelins when you play but they are not very friendly to the land vehicles, especially post Foregrip/Suppressor patch.. @current patch, why don't they just admit they want the game to be cod? Hopefully next patch makes ALL vehicles NPC controlled.
  12. why do you continually argue current tech? you do in fact realize the xbox is 8 years old, yes?
  13. >alienware 10/10 would laugh again where are we going with this my friend
  14. ranting on mw2 is probably more provoked due to the fact that it had some potential, so much chance to actually be something good and infinity ward blew it all. MW3 is whatever, people probably are more expecting of the same rehashed shit with a few new maps every year
  15. meh use assassin on every class personally and always will..not too sure why it doesn't bother me, cold blooded(although being rare) never really bothered me either what annoys me the most currently is people who run with stingers on their back and shoot down anything that moves
  16. "gaming laptops" 10/10 would laugh again
  17. path of exile, basically a re made diablo II. Game is great, 10$ for a beta key, when the full game comes out it will be completely free. Worth every penny.
  18. See that's a shame, because with a few hours of playing around with the attachments and guns again, you could have found a new favorite gun to enjoy. I had to give up my 12 star KH2002 which I was mad about, but my 3 star 93R got WAY better, so I switched to an AEK and it all worked out fine. it had nothing to do with that actual portion of the update lol, I just knew the patch by calling it the foregrip/suppressor patch.
  19. both are fun, can't really play either for too long these days without getting annoyed. I've gone from Bf3 constantly to Mw3 constantly, both games have terrible terrible downsides and horrible communities(the internet in general is a horrible community) I suppose if I had to decide it would be BF3, had more fun with that game than any other pre the patch that changed everything. The suppressor/foregrip patch that changed the entire game upside down was the nail in the coffin for me regarding BF3.
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