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  1. With this refer a friend [cabbage], and all the botting, I think I might quit runescape. :mellow:
  2. Skill-who-cannont-be-named Herby Hunter Construction Prayer
  3. Nice blog you got here. :thumbup: Sorry for thinking you were male. :oops:
  4. Some guy was streaming his runescape skilling, so I found what world he was on, and where he was. :lol: Thats me in the yellow. :grin:
  5. Nice slayer! I wish I had your herby level. :thumbup:
  6. So, I figured out that I will probably never get max total, unless Jagex releases some radical updates to prayer/herby. :|
  7. I forgot that this place is called "Rune Tips" and I got confused. :mellow:
  8. I got another rare drop, I bought a vine whip attachment, and I did a clue scroll. :smile: And right now, Im on my first mutated jadinko task, and Im 52k exp to 97 attack. (but Im training on controlled, so it might be awhile)
  9. Should I be picking up gold and green charms, while training slayer? I have level 85 summoning, and when ever I train summoning again, I will use crimson or blue. I already have 11k gold charms, and maybe 6k greens banked. I donno, it feels weird to not pick them up. :???:
  10. I went rafting down a river in the last few days. I got random sunburn spots on my legs. Its lol. :lol:
  11. Most of them were on different days. :lol: I just took forever to update. And btw, I just bought 85k more pure ess. :thumbup: It might be werid, but I feel like a bad ass, while crafting with four pouches. :ugeek:
  12. In before I spend all my money on pure ess. :thumbup: @ Effigy Sorry, addicted to runecrafting atm. <3: @ Saradomin_Mage :uhh: @FirenLazah Thats cool.
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