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  1. Well, right before it, I was training hunter. So by comparison, it is fun. :thumbup: So the next time you have to do something that you dont want to do, punch yourself in the balls beforehand. The event after with seem more pleasant. :thumbsup:
  2. I kinda hate this, but I am not going to spend money on herby.
  3. I saw a movie today, and guess who was in it? :thumbsup:
  4. Im not the only one! :lol:
  5. Lovely task. I think its funny that I always get super excited over ferocious ring drops. :grin: Okay, so Im ganna try and not do anymore slayer until I use up some of my effigies. I have like thirty, and its annoying. So I should be training theiving, hunter ( :cry: ), and summoning. And of course woodcutting! :thumbup: Thanks. :)
  6. Good luck. I suggest getting members before you start no lifing. (if you can) Getting exp would be way faster.
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