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  1. Get more levels. :thumbup:
  2. Uber awesome drop. I guess I have two, now. And a prayer level. :thumbup:
  3. I did a slayer task. Holy ballsack. Ill keep this in mind, thanks. :thumbup:
  4. No, Im going to use them to make some teaks into planks. :thumbup:
  5. Is it too early to start thinking about getting another 200m exp skill? I think it might be defence. I would train it by finishing up slayer. Then I would camp at an effigy dropping monster, or continue with slayer. It seems too early to be thinking about this. :unsure: *insert sexual joke about cutting your wood* :lol: :thumbup: Another thing I will never do in runescape. Grats. :thumbup: Thanks, its fun, I enjoy it. Yeah, Im still banking teaks and specials. I have 76k teaks, and 1.5k specials banked, if I remember correctly. :smile: Getting lumberjack takes 5-7 hours, and is not worth getting if you are only getting 99 woodcutting.
  6. I went on a date with a pretty girl tonight. Video unrelated. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbczWczlXUo&
  7. I never knew about your history. Knowing your history, this new account seems like a great idea. :thumbup: I wish you the best of luck with this account. How weird is it to so slayer tasks without a low magic level? (for teleports)
  8. 172. 28 left. Grats. That would be cool. :thumbup:
  9. What a waste of woodcutting exp. :thumbdown:
  10. Thats creepy, because an evil oak tree grew next to me on ape atoll. :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: :mellow: :unsure: :shock: :o :eek: (and that guy there, he showed up right as the tree died. Lawl. :thumbup: )
  11. What am I doing? I should be woodcutting! Holy [cabbage], I guess thats the reason why I dont train prayer. :shock: Grats on the quest. Yeah, same old fun people. :grin:
  12. So, I did some math, and if I get atleast 161k woodcutting exp a day, I can get 200m exp by 2012. :smile: :thumbup: I think I can do this. I would just have to continue to nolife cut back on training slayer, and other skilling. :unsure:
  13. PuppyKing

    Census 2.0

    Caucasian. Bisexual. Christian.
  14. I got a fletching level, for some update later this month.
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