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  1. :cry: In other news, I really like friends chat. And I am excited about the updates this month.
  2. If anyone has Steam, and is interested in buying more games, there is a sale going on right now, and its crazy. I got six games for $10! I got the Grand Theft Auto pack, and Starwars: Knights of the Old Republic. Yeah, but Im waiting to make them all into teak planks with my special teak logs. Then I might sell them, or use them for construction. I know! Its crazy! It seems so close! :thumbup:
  3. Its good to know that I am a positive influence to my peers. :thumbup: And you are pretty pro, yourself. :ugeek:
  4. Thats pretty flipping sweet. Now go for 200m woodcutting exp. :thumbup:
  5. ^ Will do. I dont really like Juju farming pots. It adds too much urgency to my farming runs to try to do it all in 5 minutes. :thumbdown: So today I did a farming run without them. It was lol. I went to the ge, and I took a pizza break during the farming run. :grin: Speaking of farming... :unsure:
  6. I came here for the Emma Watson gif, and I was pleased. :thumbup:
  7. You will get 99 agility really soon. :thumbup: I dont really know. I just enjoy woodcutting, for some reason. I donno when I will get it. I vary my time training alot of different skills, so it could be anytime. Hopefully this year. That would be cool. Doubt it, but thanks for the optimism! :thumbup: Grats. :thumbup:
  8. I did some sterling creation, and got two clay hammer things. Which resulted in this level. Training hunter is slower than training construction.
  9. Nice blog. :thumbup: So hunting at the juju place is good exp?
  10. Nothing but woodcutting, and some farming runs today. I did get 500+ teak special logs. Thats good. :thumbup: And whoever wants to see some of my bank, I cant be arsed to crop. :)
  11. I made some julu farming pots, too. :thumbup: (and the herblore habitat hunting seems way faster, and more useful than red salamanders. :thumbup: Also, Im glad that ether: A. The general public doesnt know about the "cutting teaks, and banking with the new deposit boxes" method, or B. Sense ivy is close in exp per hour, and ivy is very relaxing, that no one will train at teaks Because the last thing I want, is for my training spot to become crowded. :thumbup: (and is anyone surprised that the teak/mahogany logs/planks market has not that much change, sense the update?)
  12. For me, its not because its boring. I just hate completion. Finding a free world is really hard. :( Yeah, hunter is a pain with all of the [wagon]. I was training it the other day at red sallys and in under an hour I had to hop worlds three times (after finding an empty one). I'd just be training peacefully then some guy would come running up, call me a botter, and start setting up his traps if I wasn't quick enough. Such a pain in the ass. <_< Also, just curious, what's the exp/hour for cutting teaks on ape atoll with the new deposit box? That same thing happened to me. I found a empty world. 10 mins later, someone started setting up traps, saying that this was his world. I [bleep]ing hate people. I dont know the rates, but dropping has been said to be up to 105k exp. All I know, is that it is pretty nice exp, and can be very casual. :thumbup: Nice. The deposit boxes are very nifty. Im really glad they released them. I am able to profit way more than ivy. :thumbup:
  13. For me, its not because its boring. I just hate completion. Finding a free world is really hard. :(
  14. ^ Grats. Just some thoughts I would like to share: Alot of people`s goal in runescape is to get all 99s. But some people train doing methods that they dont enjoy. The way I see it, training methods are always going to be outdated by other training methods eventually. Example: I dont enjoy power dropping granite for 99 mining. But then the Living Rock Caverns were released. I enjoy training there much more. And I have 99 mining because of it. So I dont enjoy training hunter. If I dont start enjoying it after level 80, I guess will just wait to train it. And thieving. Oh, and what the crap? 1000 hp? ( I did eat a rocktail, but it was a while ago. :unsure: )
  15. Nice! What construction level are you shooting for?
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