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  1. since the free trade update our clan channel (The Slayers guild) kept getting spammed to join vainpvp 1.5b drop party or stuff like that everydays by different people it was getting horrible....Sadly anyone going there almost deserves it :x
  2. Happy Birthday ^_^

  3. Happy birthday!

  4. The new drop table is kinda weird i guess we dont really have the choice :unsure: ... but like someone said above : Why are they cheapening skills when 3/4 of what nex drops value more then 99 herblore...I'm almost done with all buyables and ill probly never be able to make enough cash to buy any of those armors or ely/div but i been able to buy skills <.<
  5. you feel poor with 2b imagine with my 150m bank lolll Nice luck nub
  6. no offence but 99 wc is common but a 99 is a 99! Grats and goodluck with future goals!
  7. gz carl i think tds isnt for you so we should get back to sara LOL
  8. easier then before but still slow xp :P Grats with that awesome 99, hopefully i can get it too someday
  9. Awesome read on both article, i really liked the new ideas for pvp and no extreme on pvp is indeed sad. It's like saying ppl with over 80 agil cant go in pvp because they can run longer then noobs or anyone over 90 def because its annoying to dont hit. Actually i was dming friend(in poh)that had overloads (i only have 85 herblore... poor ftw) and overloads doesntt seem to help that much) Jagex need to do something :wall:
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