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  1. After doing the above.. I use a program called Dreamweaver, its not a free down loadable program and in my opinion a little complicated. This is a suggestion for a future time when you want to go a little farther than just making a simple website.
  2. I pronounce it.. Ar-doo-gone I rly think that's how it sounds.. \
  3. This is just stupid :XD: But, o well... bye bye SS :cry:
  4. It was probably some kid that doesn't no wat he is saying. If someone said that their mom was ded.. I would like give them something...
  5. Someone could make a macro that senses when the game freezes and click the button that un-freezes...
  6. I always thought Dh stood for Dragon Hide.. So one day I said buying full blue Dh and someone traded me full dharok.. :-k
  7. Merchanting isn't that cheap. It takes lots of patients for merchanting and anyone who can make loads from it has patients.. Let's say slayer for example is another way for money. But it doesn't require too much patients unlike merchanting. So, the conclusion is that everyone is different and people have different ways of achieving the same goal.
  8. I have sort of a problem when downloading.. it goes into the file crunch thing and it says "please wait for download" and there is this bar showing progress.. it goes all the way to fill the bar and then.. it does nothing
  9. I rly should try to get my mage up to 55... (49 so far) I'm just too lazy! But thanks for the tip :thumbsup:
  10. I don't think any of the "symbol" languages will be used. Its hard enough for english letters to be mixed around to make a different language.
  11. Y didn't I think of that :XD: Lol good luck with it :thumbsup: \
  12. the age limit is 13.. right? And the kid is trading real money for runescape money... tsk tsk... Jagex will find him and block him.
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