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  1. frogmann2

    Living Noob.

    I usually reply with "Youz iz just jellyous o' muh skillz0rz" (yes, I know it is atrociously spelled) and eat some more. Mwuhahaha!
  2. I'm the second style that seems to a lot of people like the first type. You usually see me around yew patches not because I'm trying to make money, but because I'm usually in a cc and instead of just sitting and talking, I cut trees and talk. Or I kill things and talk. Or I smith things and talk. I guess, now that I look at it, I'm a third type of player, one who uses RS as a bloated version of AIM, or your chosen messaging system.
  3. Here's a good one from my hometown, don't have a source or anything though. On the evening news broadcast, the anchor said something along the lines of "A local man was found dead in his apartment with 35 knife wounds to his back. Police are investigating if it was suicide."
  4. Not a lot I'm really afraid of, but there are a few things that I'm skittish about. Really the only thing I'm irrationally afraid of is indoor heights. Like open floors in department stores and stuff where you can look down to the floor beneath you. It's really weird, because I'm a rock climber and I've been hanging three stories or more up in the air with no support, but being one story up sends a shiver down my spine. Open stair cases are the worst, especially ones with glass railings. I dunno why, it just makes me struggle with that inner voice yelling "Don't do it stupid!" The other things that I'm not comfortable with are any animals with obvious mean intents and water, because I can't swim.
  5. frogmann2


    To put it bluntly, I also think most sci-fi (like Isaac Asimov stories) are best enjoyed as a movie than a rather nerdy book :lol: (Yes I know IAL isn't by him, just reminded me of I, Robot since Will Smith is in that as well) To put it bluntly that's a load of bull doo doo. If you've ever read Asimov, you'll find it is sooo much deeper than first impressions. As for I Robot, the only two things that that movie shared with the Asimov book (which is a collection of short stories, not a novel) are the name and three rules of robotics, they even smashed that under there foot in the process of destroying a fantastic author's work to make a high budget special effects film
  6. frogmann2


    Woke up at 5:30, went out for the bus and waited for 30 minutes because it came later than usual, on the coldest day of the season (10 degrees F, or lower). Got to school realized that I had left my play script at home. School provided lunch made me sick to my stomach. Puked in class. Went to play practice and got yelled at by the director for "not focusing" even though I was sick. Not a fun day so far.
  7. First, DON'T cram the day before the exam. It will just stress you out and make you even more nervous than you already are. Three or four weeks should be a good time to start. Take an hour or two each day to just go over your notes a few times. Take a class each day. Depending on the amount of periods you have, you should have gone over them 10+ times. Next, talk to your teachers about study guides. They might be more helpful then you thought. Study guides will help you focus your study, letting you focus less on stuff you know and more on what your not sure about, but DON'T skip stuff just because you know it. Once you hit the test, things might slip and you'll regret not focusing on certain topics more. Third, talk to upper-classmen who have taken the exam before on pointers and tips. Sometimes a teacher might focus on a certain topic more than others, but don't take their word as gold. Usually teachers will have the same exam but mixed up a bit, or they might have thought it was time to re-do it, so be wary of the advice. Now it's test day. Get a good nights sleep and eat a good breakfast. This will help fuel the brain and prevent the munchies or weariness making your brain wander. Use the restroom, and then relax. Bring some music or a book you like, preferably one you've read a few times so you don't have to really focus on it. Just read it and relax, the main point is to get your head out of the state of being nervous over the exam. You might not want to study because it will stress you out and tire your brain out. During the test, take a little break every now and then. Pushing your head to the limit will just make it harder to study on the last questions. If you don't know a question leave it and come back. Don't leave any question unanswered unless you have a teacher who penalizes for wrong questions. In a usual mulitple choice test, you have a 1/4 chance of getting a guessed answer right. Even an idiot can tell you 1/4 is better than none. Once you finish the exam and move onto the next, forget about it. Don't go back to check answers, don't worry about your grade on it. Get your head onto the next exam and just relax. What's done is done. No matter what you do know you've locked your grade in and now all you can do is do the next exam. That's how I've gotten through high school exams, I hope it helps you get through exams too.
  8. Everything's worse in Cinci; sports teams, traffic, government (especially when pitching). I'd say go to the hospital, no need for the ER, just make an appointment and go then. It won't be screwed up in the amount of time between. Just take some aspirin, put ice on it, and keep it still. Hope it's not broken, or worse, sprained.
  9. If Iran attacks one of our ships, then we'll send a missle so far up their [wagon] we'll knock their teeth out, and I'll be following that missle and killing the American murdering bastards. If they threaten us, try to deal with it at the table, but leave the guns on the table so they know we're not gonna stand by and watch them push us around As for gas prices, the government has nothing to do with gas prices, it's all the gas company, whom the governemtn has nothing, and should have nothing, to do with. If invading Iran does anything to gas prices, it'll lower them. Anyways, if we were really so gas driven, why ahven't we invaded Kuwait, or Saudi Arabia, or drilled into the Alaskan oil reserves. And another thing, there is nothing for ending an economic slump like a good war. Plenty of money being distributed to suppliers for, well, supplies. Look what ended the Great Depression, WW2.
  10. For those of you who have never built a snowman on a train track, it's fun as heck. We do it all the time on the tracks near my house, minus the rocks. When the train hits it they EXPLODE! We "tie" them down on train tracks like the old villians in the movies, have them with their arms up in an "OH NO!" pose, so on and so forth. The train drivers say they love our neighborhood the best on their route, so the rockless ones can actually make the train-drivers day better.
  11. Lol, i've never seen a buff 13 year old. I think buff 13 year old is an oxymoron.
  12. I had that happen to me once. My friend dared me to suck my lips into a Gatorade bottle for five minutes and walk around school with it. I did that and once I took the gatorade bottle off my mouth, everyone in the room broke out laughing. Apparently I had bruised all the skin around my mouth. For 2-3 days after I had a black and blue ring around my mouth. It looked like I had had a really bad shave. PLus my lips had swollen to two times the size, but the swelling went down in a half-hour. I haven't sucked my lips into a bottle since.
  13. There is nothing wrong with eating squirrel, dang tasty, them little suckers is. Seriously, squirrell is actually quite delicious and nutritious, though you have to get a lot of them to make anything out of them.
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