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  1. Interesting goal. You have my support mate :P
  2. Dart for yaks and i guess a good old bow for ogres.
  3. I belive it is a wonderfull suggestion. Jagex usually pays tribute to past or outdated features so making a world or two for this woud not be unreasonable at all.
  4. Try buying grimmies and selling the cleans. I dont think you lose any money that way but it isnt particularly fast. :P
  5. Really only a magic and range boost is needed. Magic hits way too low to be of any use in f2p. Range does not hit that low but for activities like pking ranging koing is a bit hard. As for new skills i do not think its needed and dung counts as a f2p skill so i think thats good. (at least for now).
  6. Gives the context quite clearly that sentence deals with DROPS the sentence after deals with improved rewards fro activites. (Treasure trails being an activity) Err, it actually does both. It increases the chances of a rare drop (which clues are a part of) And wearing it when doing a clue will increase the chances of getting a "better reward" However, what they classify as a better reward may not actually be a better reward. My thoughts exacly. I wonder what does row consider better :/
  7. Summoning will help you more than prayer anywhere you put it. (Not saying prayer isnt helpfull)
  8. Putting green dragons aside for a minute, training slayer will defenitly level your combat and bring you good drops on the long run. If you just are looking for money then stick to green dragons.
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