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  1. Lol...what noobs...after saying to bring your full rune (g) only an idot wouldnt now its a scam. :lol:
  2. I just say are you ready for comitment? Lol it works everytime. :lol:
  3. depends on your construction. MOM and WOM.
  4. To see if the students studied. WTF is a cookie monster? :-s
  5. A donkey kicks you and you die. :anxious:
  6. Another useless fact is that when you search a haystack, the needle can do 1 damage to you. Yet another useless fact is that is that the guy up in the top floor of the wiz tower that can sumon imps can no longer be attacked. I think he used to be like lvl40 something and was able to sumon black imps to help him. :-s
  7. Good luck with the clues! I dont even know what the emote enhancers do, but they sound like they do something that help emotes lol. \
  8. Granted, but then you would have never made that wish and that means that wish cancels itself. I wish I for a bagel. :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:
  9. Banned for correcting someone. :shame: :notalk: :shame: :notalk:
  10. I liked the one with the lob and the docter :thumbsup: "Docter! He's flatlining!" "Quick! Make him eat this lobster!" "But Doc-" "No buts nurse! Just make him eat it! Its his only chance at survival!" "Amazing Docter! How did you know that would work?" "I play Runescape." It was that last part that made me laugh :lol: EDIT: Lol I spelled Doctor wrong lol.
  11. You can still slice bannas. It just makes a banna have 2 btes lol. Burnt Anchovies...hmmmm..... :-k
  12. Sarcasm, right? You always burn your first shrimp on tutorial island, dont you? Did...you...keep it? :-s Not being sarcastic, I'd say untrimmed hp or prayer cape.
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