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  1. Boredom Strikes! I am teh ninja of shinobi! :P
  2. This is me :o fall in love with me, girls, pl0x
  3. This is just like finding a Zero Wing reference by talking to the invisible ghost *from the desert treasure: Ghostly robes mini quest* without a ghost speak amulet. Meh, look at the pic below
  4. Penguins, penguins, penguins, theres going to be lots of penguins. Muhahahahaha..
  5. I hope it gets in there this time. I'm sending it as a .PNG format. :shock:
  6. I drew this picture on MS Paint and I'm wondering if it is good enough for the Player art gallery..
  7. I still have to train 89 - 99 thieving that might take me a while... Anyways, good luck on 7 levels Proffins!
  8. World 99 Zanaris (I like the fairy rings) World 99 Ardougne
  9. Cooking is still hard to raise. I've had to get 70 cooking for Recipe for Disaster. Fletching isn't my favorite skill tbh.
  10. This is from talking to the invisible ghost without a ghostspeak ammy
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