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  1. 1M nats is pretty serious stuff. Props on that Makes me wanna start RCing
  2. If I flip a coin, what are my chances of getting head? My favorite
  3. Are you sure thats being an expert, and not having nothing better to do?
  4. Aichmophobia. Fear of needles or pointed objects. I dont know if its fear, but I just hate them with a passion. I guess you could call it fear.
  5. I got pretty far, but quit cause I got sick and tired of trying to find a cure for that stupid [bleep]ing vampire [cabbage]. I dont think ive ever been that pissed at a game.
  6. Not that much. I wonder if I give them some BS story about how I was away and couldnt play and thats why I couldnt update my member subscription that they will give me the original price. Im probably not gonna try but I wonder if it will work.
  7. I guess you can count me in for old times sake.
  8. Victory- Biggie, P Diddy, Busta Rhymes
  9. Jack. I almost cried at the part when he fell down the steps and like passed out.
  10. Rockos Modern Life and Kenan And Kel were the [cabbage].
  11. 99 Fletching isn't fast at all. It's easy, but no way in hell fast. String X makes it slower than it originally was.
  12. Ever heard of Kanye West? :roll: Kanye isn't a good example. He is alright but a lot of his songs sound the same and they are all about how good he is. Nas is a better example.
  13. 4,3,2,1- Method Man, Redman, Canibus, DMX, Master P, LL Cool J One of the greatest rap songs to even be thought about. Besides LL Cool Js verse, that [cabbage] sucked.
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