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  1. nice. I'm new here, and I was just wondering; how do you make pixle sigs? I've searched everywhere, but I can't find how to make them.
  2. :shock: That's just creepy, you made 62!? that ain a :^o is it? I mean, whooh. If you did manage that, congrats, your my hero! but, whooh, man :shock:
  3. As unfortunate as it may seem, I have to agree, with almost everything that has been said so far. I am only a level 72 -.- , and I often try to get certain spots to myself. What really bugs me is when people just come along and assume that because they are a higher level and can hit a lot harder, they atomatically gain privelige over myself. With the example below, I have had similar situations where people actually go out of there way to be annoying. :?: Why? :!: There is only one thing that annoys me more that this, and that is people who insult you because they have nothing better to do. All I can do is encourage you to be the better person and show that some people CAN have manners, and that your better than them NOT because you can kill stuff quicker, and NOT because you have been able to find enjoyment in the hurting of others feelings. But because you are a good, friendly, curtious person. Even if your not, you can still set an example. O:)
  4. That's a interesting thought there. I never understood it, but for those Pkers (I never understood Pking either) I suppose it could be an advantage. "N" I suppose that's ok, but I like the idea of No def ub (or nude, lol)
  5. Wonderful, almost perfect! I love it, :D 9/10
  6. Very nice guide. I'd rate 7/10, but that only cause I like pics. With pics, 10/10, and with record of drops, 11/10! :anxious: I got so exited about trying this, that I sold about 250k worth of stuff to get a rune halberd (I'm level 72 :( ) So far, no drops, but LOTS of money! :D I recon that if this had some pics, it could make it to AOW :!:
  7. That is just sssoooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd love to be your level, and having fun like that. I wish I had your prayer too :pray: Good luck on those drops! :thumbsup:
  8. I liked dragon slayer the most (and I'm a member too), mainly because of the complexity and variety of things that you had to do for it...
  9. I would say about 65, but everyone has there own opinon
  10. There is healing in the game (see above). but that will require a lot of effort and time. good luck
  11. I saw that too. I was just cheaking around to make sure no one else had any Idea of what it might me. but that helps, it very well might be a april fools joke. Good thing you thought of it or I might have made a fool of myself (or mayby I just did) -.-
  12. Hi, I've been playing for a while now and thought I would introduce myself. I have always used tip.it for everything to do with runescape, the only time I have ever had to use some other help site is runehq for items. But not anymore! (new item database).I live in australia and play as often as I can. I would love to do something like being a moderator, but thats my crazy dreams. well thats me.
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