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  1. I must say I don't like what you are implying at all. The community on this forum is quite mature and friendly, and has been as long as I have been a member here. The moderators are also doing an excellent job monitoring the threads and don't like it at all if someone doesn't behave according to the rules. If there isn't a moderator around, you can bet the rest of the regular members keep a keen eye on things, because they do not want their precious community to go bad. On this thread I have yet to see anyone ridicule you, shun anyone saying they are gay or mock anyones lifestyle. For some reason, your strange reactons on this thread reminds me of Matt Lucas' scetch in the comedy show 'Litle Brittain'. Seen it? You know, where he plays Daffyd Thomas, who lives in a small village, refusing to realise that noone has any problems with him being gay, and where he thinks he is the only one living there that is gay. He gets quite frustrated when noone gets shocked or appalled by his way of dressing or his lifestyle. This is very much how you behave right now. You are putting words and thoughts in peoples head that have never been spoken. Thats not fair, is it? If you feel so strongly about this, why not go on Jagex' roleplaying world and do all the things you mentioned? :)
  2. Hi Luna and welcome to the forum! I have great use of it my self; both forum-wise and the tip.it guides! Oh, and not to forget the calculators! Nifty tools for 'scapers like us :)
  3. It depends mostly on your own preferances really. Do you prefer heavy hits or speedy slashes? Personally I like my rapiers best but since I am slaying these days I have bought all three sets to match the monsters weknesses - but not sure if I could just have settled with my favourite rapiers. We are talking about a T90 weapon after all. Heres a description I feel fits the different weapons: Longs = Speed Rapiers = Precision Mace = speed and power
  4. I maxed Div before all this fancy stuff, but I never ever ignored to collect and deposit chronicle fragments (if you have the ring to tele to Guthix altar that is?), by teleing there and back to whatever location I was on at the moment. I also bought approx 20-50k energies from higher lvl div and up and converted it all by choosing the third pool option: 'Memories and Energy to Experience' - at a greater cost but by far the best exp. I can't remember how long it took me to get to 99 div but it didn't take long at least. Especially now that you have access to the familiar they mentioned plus guthix tears mini-game, it should be shorter for you. Oh, and I highly recomend you use all your exp boosters on div but I am sure you know that already ^_^
  5. Copy/pasting runescape.com's IP adress should allow you to access the true site unhindered: - just paste the IP in the URL and hit enter. But I am with Mercifull here: Jagex has not said anything about them being compromised anywhere, nor on their Twitter account.
  6. I have to protest a bit on this though. I have maxed slayer on my nooblett (Rejna) but also maxed it on Sunli (Old School char) - loong before any new stuff and monsters. It still got me a nice profit back then; mostly thanks to BOB's! Not complaining about the new monsters/slayer monsters - the drops and the tasks are much much more exciting these days, but it wasn't all that bad in them olden days either :)
  7. Hmm. Slayer is my way of making money..and 99 slayer have given me a nice fortune tbh. It has made me able to buy all three sets of drygores, both main-hand and off-hand, and on top of it still have a nice cash flow in bank. But I notice all the time, no matter what task I am on, that most of my fellow slayers don't pick up their loots. The loot can vary from 3k cash drop, dragon bones (!) to rune items. I pick up everything; I high alch or I sell the items at the end of my tasks, I also pick up other players loot and I make a nice profit everytime. It can vary from 1 mill to several mills (depending on rare drops) per task! I have to admit I do find it humerous that the same players who do not pick up their loots, actually complains they don't get a profit from slaying :huh: PS: just finished a celestial dragon task. Profit (no rare drops today): 2'985303 (this include me picking up another players hides, steel plates and talismans...)
  8. Thats the problem with 'recent topics'. The rest of us don't notice what forum its on :P I am more inclined to think this belong in the Tech & Computer forum though...
  9. If it is a TCP error code 10061 could be because your firewall is blocking one of your ports :-k
  10. One place I find most people underestimate is the Stronghold of Security place up at Barbarian Village. It contains various monsters that auto-attack plus drop nice stuff. :)
  11. Have you checked your ingame messages from Jagex?
  12. Very exciting news for the community! Congrats to you all! |^_^| =D>
  13. Welcome to TIF (Tip.It Forums) zyxie! I hope you will have as much use of this forum as I had for the last 13 years (I was originally with Scapeboard before we moved servers and changed our name to Tip.It) so I have been around for a loooong time my self :) Add me ingame if you like to chat, and I am sure I can introduce you to a bunch of nice people :) Name in sig!
  14. Thanks for getting back with new experiences and tips! Nice :)
  15. Celestials are easy to kill if you have the super afi's. No need to use prayer protect if you have those potions. Couldn't someone assist you while you made a few of the super afi's? I'll lend you a hand if you want to :) I use chaotic c'bows there - but all type of range weapons are good. Just make sure to keep your distance from them =)
  16. Hmmm. Are you serious? In Old School Runescape? I just tried it and I don't have the option by default. Yup lol, realized that later hehe |^_^|
  17. Nice guide. One tip though; you can use your (active and online) friendlist to hop worlds! Just right click the name and choose 'Join' :)
  18. "I am a moron and I deserve to die" Thanks for the chuckle hehe :D
  19. Personally I can not understand why anyone would want to go back to the old style fighting. EoC with abilities are more fun, a more evolved style of fighting and where you, as a player, is more in control of the outcome.
  20. You do have a point, but I feel pretty secure as I change my password regularly and the login/username is known for most websites and considered very secure without the extra measure of hidden login details. Thanks for the concerned advice though :D You can say you told me so if I do get hacked :P At least make sure you activate the extra security measure Jagex has provided: The RuneScape Authenticator :)
  21. Not to smart posting your logg-in details in that video Mr Froggy! I would remove that if I was you, especially since Jagex warns us of sharing even the username/email. Account stealers could use that information to retreive your account fyi. PS; Nice guide though ^_^
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