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  1. Gawd darn! I wanted to do that! Had to go to bed after the clue I did though, was a bit to late for me. But it was GOOOOOD to see Rab again! I think last time I saw or spoke with him was back in late 2001 or early 2002! For those who doesnt know; Rab was the first player to test/play out Runescape before it was fully released to the public, followed by Gugge and Lightning if my memory not failing me. =) PS...Rab and Drew in afros? Bring it on! :mrgreen:
  2. Not will...have already ;) TPUM will write us a rosey and lovely poem about runescape :
  3. I do acctually :oops: 8-) TPUM went straight from the bed to the computer this morning, just to check this thread - :anxious:
  4. Shows what you know lol. I pray+piety at dusties my self and I am a lvl 138. I can stay 3-4 times longer with ppots then with food. Think before you speak -.-
  5. Acctually I think Omarsherif is the oldest rs player. He is in his 70's and his daughter Ladydejavu plays too =)
  6. Its still stickified under general guides in Archive of Wisdom , I just noticed that a few posters here in Help & Advice posted for help on those puzzleboxes and maybe didnt know about the guides found there =)
  7. A bit late sorry, but I made a video-guide here: viewtopic.php?f=180&t=768726 if anyone interested =)
  8. I made a video-guide here: viewtopic.php?f=180&t=768726 if anyone interested =) Its a verbal guide, one in english and one in norwegian.
  9. I made a video-guide here: viewtopic.php?f=180&t=768726 if anyone interested =)
  10. I made a video-guide here: viewtopic.php?f=180&t=768726 if anyone interested =)
  11. I practiacally live in the metal dragons dungeon, and I would never leave home without my ROW. Have gotten tons of dragon armour and 5 visages in total. I had killed 8k irons/steels before I got the first visage though, so patience is the goal =)
  12. A bit late in to this thread but not to late I hope? Hey, I am a older player my self, waay into my 40's and enjoy playing runescape! I have kids playing too so it makes it even more exciting to logg in =) There are tons of adult players in runescape, so no need to feel shy about it. I think the oldest are in his 70's! I know a lot of older gals who play with their grandchildren! Feel free to add me for a chat ingame! I might pop in to chris' cc as well :
  13. I think you are a bit snobbish if you ask me ;) I would acctually not only read the article, if written by an illiterate 12 year old, but also enjoyed in tremendiously if the content and the soul of it was highly interesting. Thats the remarkable thing about our brain we cna raed a txet evnehtuohg ist wrtetin lkie tihs :geek: Kids can have a great deal to teach us if we listened. Also, I have known and do know a great deal of people, both in runescape and outside, that have dyslexia. Theres nothing wrong with an dyslexics intelligens, they just have trouble spelling and reading. Acting snobbish and haughty about how an article should look like or how it is spelled, can scare them away from sending in a piece for us to read, which could acctually be something worth reading and something valuable to learn from! :shame: Thank you Altricious for a great read by the way! I too are an older player, like Pokemama and Cat, and I know tons of others who are "older then dust" playing. Please feel free to add me ingame both you and Cat for a chat :
  14. I dont think female players are underepresented in RuneScape at all acctually. I started playing runescape about august of 2001, so I been playing quite awhile now. From the start I noticed that this game is attractive to both sexes. I met as many gals as guys. I never felt I was a minority. I have met a few female characters played by men, but not many, and usually they are teens between 13 and 17. As they grow older they tend to want to have male chars in my opinion. I also met a very few male chars played by females but they are rare. The generalising that women that plays must be "nerdy", fat or ugly and a minority in the gaming community I find very immature. Most young and inexperenced kids/teens will of course make that assumption because life have yet to teach them about variety and diversity. My guess would be that it is almost as many gals playing as guys. At least thats my experience =)
  15. How-To Guide: Taking Screenshots and Posting Images There you go =)
  16. My favourite place in runescape happens to be metal dragons - also; my favourite monster to kill is dragons *points at stats* :shock: Im a killer - not a skiller. *Applauds* : *Waves at Meili*
  17. Hi Magey! *Waves* Have Tip.It conducted a poll once over this? If not they should do one. My answer would be; Im a gal in rs as in real life. =)
  18. RuneScape fan sites have of course done an incredible job over the years and I am glad that Jagex are reaching out to you guys, but while I understand your sentiment comment MechScape World I think that your criticism and stance is unfair. While Jagex have the RuneScape Official Forums and Knowledge Base for RuneScape, with fan sites allowing for an alternative to Jagex's offerings, besides one approved thread on RSOF the MechScape fan sites are pretty much the only place for people who want to find out about and discuss MechScape. Since day 1 Tip.it and other great RuneScape sites have had plenty of content to work with, specifically the RuneScape game itself. However, for the majority MechScape World's life (and the entirety of Iddison's time as CEO) Jagex refused to even properly confirm the game's existence, let alone give any concrete information. While I can understand Jagex's reasons for doing so it still made our life hard. However, we trusted in them that it would be a good game, and worked very hard to try and make a fan site (and when I started we were the only one) which made the most out of what little we had. The majority of our content and value is currently in our forums, where we have not just managed to build up a strong community for an unreleased game but have carried out extensive research and analysis. In fact virtually everything people knew about the game was the result of something initially posted by myself or a fellow member of MechScape World (see the 2008 summary, although that doesn't nearly cover it all). We have been posting the latest MechScape news and warning people about scam sites since 2007, and with MechScape being Jagex's upcoming game it makes sense for them to want to work with its leading fan site to give future players a better sense of what their new game will be like. Thank you! Indeed great info for us! :)
  19. Tripsis answer this earlier on this thread:
  20. I may be mistaken, but I've always been under the impression that MENTIONING fan sites is permitted. You can say "Yeah I was reading Tip.it the other day and..." or "I use the Tip.it quest guides," etc. What you CAN'T do is parade around saying "GO TO TIP.IT FOR RUNESCAPE HELP!!!" That's advertising, and that's what Jagex doesn't want. I can verify that.
  21. I think Psycho_Robot have legit concerns, but I don't necessarely agree with them. I think that a cooperation between Jagex and fansites may be a way to clean up a few of those bad and shifty sites out there, that are not real fansites at all. Sites that are merely out to steal accounts, keylogg unsuspected players and other nasty things. If - and I say if with reservation - Jagex decide to advertise a handfull of the good fansites out there (us included of course) that may help big time against those websites. I see more "pro's" then "con's", in such a cooperation to be honest.
  22. Did you mean me? Because I joined Scapeboard first, then we moved servers and changed the name to Tip.It. :)
  23. Late 2001 I was stuck on a quest and a friend recomended Scapeboard, wich was Tip.It's originally name back then. I signed up for a forum account a few days after that. Haven't left since :)
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