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  1. That is awesome. Unspam:
  2. iNeppg


    Today I'm heading to celebrate my mom's birthday. Some good food and cake of course! Then warm the sauna afterwards in the evening and maybe see my GF later on. God I love weekends.
  3. My boss annoys the hell out of me at the moment.
  4. I'd invest all of it except for like 20M which would sit on my bank account. Then I'd buy a new house, nothing too fancy, maybe something that costs 5M at most. I'd buy a new car, not a Ferrari or anything because the last thing I wanna do is DIE in a bloody accident after I'd won that much money. Something practical and useful. Pay off my loans, which are ridiculously low (like 7k). Then I'd propose my GF and ask if she wanted to quit her job, move in with me and travel around the world. I'd probably pay my parents loans too and buy them a decent house. Maybe. It's not like they helped me a lot when I had financial troubles. After all of this I'm left with still over 14M to use (considering I buy the 5M house). And considering my current job pays me about 20k (euros) in a year, even if the 14M didn't grow any profit in my bank, I'd have 280k to use/year for the next 50 years, so I'm pretty much settled for life. Oh. And retire, at the age of 22 :) and play runescape all day long
  5. IMO the old glasses were too nerdy. I also like my short hair, plus I have medical reasons to keep it short :) Beard... Well, some like and some don't. I like. I've never tried/wanted to look "good for other people" or how they think I'm supposed to keep my hair or beard, since that's just stupid. I'm ok with my girlfriend liking the hair and beard :) Thanks for your honest opinion though (Can I rate your pics now?)
  6. Well it didn't grow overnight for me neither. I think it has been roughly 2 years since I started growing it, and I have cut it two times. Both times I cut half of it (which was a very bad move obviously :angry: ) The most difficult part is when it's about an inch long or so, it just looks incredibly stupid... Was once or twice I was thinking of cutting it off back then.
  7. Yeah I'm aware of that... But I kinda like it short, since it's so easy, no messy hair ever.. Go out, rains buckets of water - no problemos. :thumbsup:
  8. What?! That's awesome, I'm jealous at your skills... Keep on the good work, and post some more pictures!
  9. ^ This, and also you'll almost never regret things you did, but the things you didn't do.
  10. Disorder Rating Paranoid: Low Schizoid: Low Schizotypal: Moderate Antisocial: Low Borderline: Low Histrionic: Low Narcissistic: Moderate Avoidant: Low Dependent: Low Obsessive-Compulsive: Moderate
  11. Made a silly little collasion of my transform from a boy to a man! :D Looking through old images really makes you think how much you change over time.
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