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  1. I couldn't care less about the Dungeoneering update.. but the TT update... =P~ \:D/
  2. Granted, but then Robert Pattinson is cast to star in a Fight Club remake... and it's AWFUL. I wish I had a donut.
  3. sweety6556

    I AM thread

    I am ordering pizza.
  4. is happy to have remembered her log-in. After over 2+ years gone, heeeeeere's Sweety!

  5. thanks so much guys! all the extra time put in to get the forums back up is really appreciated by everyone!
  6. i have heard of a few people meeting, and having a real, legitimate, loving relationship. it would be just like meeting anywhere else. of course, that is the exception to the rule, and a vast majority of relationships started online don't have happy endings. if either party is underage, or if they don't have the most wholesome intentions, then it becomes a huge and dangerous problem. you can never be sure.
  7. i love reading and i will pretty much read anything. I'm a huge fan of fantasy, so my favorite series would be Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and the Twilight series. my favorite book is Wicked: the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West.
  8. i'm finding the rewards outweighing the annoying tasks. still hate metal dragons though. that's the first one i'm going to cancel.
  9. the sword is rather...ew. someone want to fix that? i don't know what the handle looks like :\
  10. let's see, Texan sterotypes... - We all wear cowboy hats - we're all idiot republicans who only care about oil - we're all dumb hicks - we all know how to ride horses - we say "well how-deeee y'all!" - we all have shotguns in our houses - we all live in trailers - we marry our cousins?! yeah everyone assumes we're dumb uneducated backwater hicks. just for the record, no, i have NEVER eaten squirrel -.- :-X :XD: :-w :wall: :roll:
  11. Baby You Wouldn't Last a Minute on the Creek - Chiodos. idk why, but i like it :
  12. preps are dumb. i'm a band nerd and proud of it. the guys are cute and really sweet :D let's see, let's see. my first kiss was with my former boyfriend, the summer before seventh grade. i was twelve. we just got finished watching The Village and i asked him what he wanted to do next and he laid one on me. nowadays i can't stand him and he hates my guts :lol: :roll: :-w :XD:
  13. you hate paramore? well i hate fluffy bunnies. i'm going to start a fluffy bunny hate thread. seriously, even if you don't like the band, at least respect that some people do like them (me for one) and don't expect not to get flamed. if you wanna express your dislike for something, do it in an intelligent manner for christs' sake :roll:
  14. i play french horn, guitar, and piano. i love the french horn, i intend to be a professional player in the Houston Symphony when i get older. i also play piano on the side, and the good ol' electric. nothing like ripping out some ACDC once in awhile.
  15. you are truly amazing. if you get banned for this, i will personally go to Jagex and get in Andrew's face. you are an amazing person, quite an inspiration, and a wonderful example of how not everyone is only out for themselves =D>
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