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  1. I actually kind of went through this. First account got banned (deserved it). So...i started over and made sup3rpur. Then around 3 months ago i was perm muted with 0 evidence. Literally, 0. Appeal failed epically and i just straight up quit.
  2. sup3rpur

    Slayer Sucks

    I know you already have implied you disagree with this but...slayer is more than 50k melee xp an hour averaged out. This is ESPECIALLY true when you hit 90 slayer, as around 10% of your tasks will be dark beasts, which are more xp an hour than zombie monkeys when done correctly. A good slayer with super sets and 10% str boost can average 17-20k melee xp an hour (more on the lower end of that if you get small tasks or tasks far away from a teleport). I trained slayer for two months straight on basically a tight schedule, and those are the figures i came up with. /agree on slayer being bad for money though...any true slayer who pietys makes very little money
  3. Just do 10 mans with your friends and don't be a [bleep], seriously. Raiding in WoW is god [bleep] awful without having some people you actually enjoy playing with playing with you. And they are making it silly anyways in WoTLK so you can do all the raids in 10 or 25 man versions. Its not that im complaining. I just would like to be able to succeed and get the best gear while still playing with my friends. But from what youre saying i can still do all the stuff i need in 10 man raids?
  4. just gonna throw this out there because im not sure what i want to do but heres my question im the kinda guy who likes to max out and get as good of gear as possible (maybe its just the former runescaper in me). all of my rl friends who play are in my guild, and were only big enough to do 10 man raids. i wanna be able to get all the highest tier items come lich king but my server is a smaller one and my guild is very small...what should i do? is it THAT hard to find 25 man raids? any feedback would be great btw im a mage so its not like my role is scarce
  5. Until Ret pallys get nurfed, they are byfar the best pvp class right now. Locks are getting nurfed yes, but catch a rogue out of stealth and he's an easy target...if you know what youre doing. Any other mage in here loving the new arcane tree? If by love you mean watching noobs in full S2 gear destroy people who far out gear them than no. Arcane is too boring and requires absolutely no skill. Slow spam, AB,AM, and POM fireballs are not fun. If youre dying to an arcane mage that does that then you must be really bad at pvp...anyways, theyre considering reducing slow timer to only 6 seconds on other players. Kiting takes more skill than you give it credit for, you cant just expect us to sit and watch you tear right through our cloth. Arcane has always been an underused tree and pretty worthless other than improved counterspell. Now mages finally have a tree where they can survive in pvp (frost mages are annoying yes, but the cd's are what make them what they are and in a bg you dont always have them). Arcane barrage is a spell that actually lets a mage compete with a pally or a rogue now. Fire mages are the "dps fast die faster class", and even in merciless gear get torn apart pretty easily. Arcane finally gives mages a chance to do what we need to do to survive, be little annoying girls that kite and shoot our instant casts for 5k crits (lol). Though i will admit AB is a little overpowered (but honestly after all these years of 10 second pvp death i think we deserve it), its not like mages have always been the really strong pvp class... Also, i know this is getting long but, what makes you think any other class requires more skill? O and one more question, how bad did ret pals get nerfed? I looked over the patches and changes but i havent been on to see how bad it really is
  6. Until Ret pallys get nurfed, they are byfar the best pvp class right now. Locks are getting nurfed yes, but catch a rogue out of stealth and he's an easy target...if you know what youre doing. Any other mage in here loving the new arcane tree?
  7. Coming from an original 85 slayer, slayer was never that hard nor any more profitible than it is now. Whip have gone down O NOOOOOO....wait...you can get the same money now doing d boots? Dark bows? O...thats right i forgetted. Slayer is better now. Until you actually get 90+ slayer you shouldnt be the judge.
  8. Im relatively new to WOW...i know im making an undead for race. I was wondering what you al lwould suggest for my class Im thinking either Shaman Mage or Warlock
  9. You went out of your way even putting those plates/chains in your guide...lol As for Zafrot, his guide is a long read, and isnt always realistic for the typical player.
  10. CoG cant hit over 20 on miths anymore (unless they recently changed it) making them not worth it.
  11. Jagex straight up says in the knowledge base the scimmy is better. End of argument.
  12. Ah those were the days...the times where you could actually contact jagex...
  13. You can get abyssals and whip drops from their tasks at level 85 slayer. whip drops are at about....1/450 right now
  14. Can't give an estimate as I forgot, but it's one of the best tasks in the game, right along with Dags and Abyssal demons. So do them. :thumbsup: Do you average a decent amount of slayer xp per hour with abyssals, because i cant seem to get over like 15k. Maybe im just slow lol
  15. How long would you say the two quests are for mutated velds? Cuz the more i look at that the more id love to be able to cannon velds :P
  16. I pietied dark beasts today and found myself getting 100k defensive xp an hour. I suppose his statistics are with a cannon and maxed stats. They are really sick with piety, i had never knew they effected speed to much.
  17. I used to love gargs. I have a low bank net, about 10m atm. Its just after...20 tasks of them in 200 total tasks they get reallllllly annoying lol. They jsut end up being slower xp because you dread them. Tasks take forever, even with piety. But if you like doing them, do them.
  18. Both of these would be sweet. I just think sailing will be more likely as it appeared in the high scores for about 5 minutes and there have been other hints at it :)
  19. 1) I've been through like 30-40 tasks of them and I have NEVER gotten over 15k slayer xp an hour, and im 99 attack. You dont even get that much xp at dark beasts...and those are always agressive + youre praying. 2) Most people doing longterm slayer cant afford to be going piety...such as myself. Its unrealistic to think most people will use this. 3) They are a PAIN, i can promise you as you get higher slayer you will grow to hate these. Its the reason they are empty 90% of the time in the slayer tower and in the chaos tunnels. They just plain suck. The end. 4) Going along with 3...you can't do other things while doing gargs, no...not AFK. I mean like watching PIT vs BALT tonight...i cant watch the game and worry about clicking on them all the time. The average person doesn't sit and pay 100% attention to a monsters hp bar... Slayer is all about keeping yourself from going crazy, take it from a guy getting 85 on one account and trying for 99 on another. Gargs make most people go crazy. The average hour for the average person won't be 20k...and i still have a hard time believing you can get that, seeing as thats 80k+ melee xp an hour...better than bandits and ankous (i think?) Dark beasts are the best blue charm droppers in the game, i get about...20 blue charms in a task of 200 of them. Thats over 40k slayer xp giving me...15k summoning xp from them? Kalph soldiers have 85 hp? Unless jagex changed the drop rates for charms on them in the past month...i have never gotten more than 8 or 9 blue charms per task from them. Thats why blue charm droppers aren't as good as crimson droppers...its the reason why people dont hunt for blue charms (lol)
  20. sup3rpur

    Smash Club.

    I agree with the above statement UNLESS your connection is different at all times XD Sometimes mine runs perfectly other times it feels like dialup on pain meds. I really enjoy brawling online, i just feel bad for the kid who has to deal with the lagginess when my wireless besides to be a pain in the behind :)
  21. No. What it would do is stop situations like what I mentioned above from happening. Well, if it doesnt change xp rates per hour in the end it all works out to be the same, and updating it to make it more consistant would be pointless. Ive never had a problem with getting hit too much or getting hit inconsistantly. I can see what you are angry about...i just dont agree that it needs to be changed.
  22. i personally use a torso, but he believes a prossy top with 10% str boost is better, which it is. Im just too lazy to add prayer pots XD
  23. if you could buy the buckets in the ge and the bones were offered as fast as u can fill vials with water...then id consider it ;)
  24. sup3rpur

    Smash Club.

    I just wish i could use the golden hammer on those ones :(
  25. would your "more consistant" plan make getting melee xp faster
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