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  1. She is up there, but only among the "elite" community of rs it seems. Top three imo of all time are as follows 3. Sixfeetunder (if more people understood how he changed rs today he would be #1) 2. Dur 1. Zezima-will always be the #1 most famous player, was the best when rs took its rise and most of todays hardcore players. Was even pretty popular back in RSC
  2. I saw that there was a HoN thread and thought to myself...why no LoL? Any of you TipIters play?
  3. Congrats on your feat. Its quite a time consuming achievement. Are you an engineer, or did you buy the chopper? I know right now our guild is doing laviathan every week in order to get the mats to make one for a guildie...i might just give in and buy a travelers tundra though since the parts have such a bad drop rate :)
  4. what is the news on the open beta...aiononline seems to do a poor job of communicating :( i remember seeing something on it but i cant seem to find it anywhere anymore
  5. you are right, they did add 6 man instances. reading up on it though, it looks as though every "raid" boss is outdoors. there are no instanced raids to date. in other words, it looks as though all of the raid bosses will be pvpve...as in factions competing against both each other and npcs to take over fortresses
  6. some additional comments to add to the poster above... in Aion quests are divided into two different catergories, campaign and side. Campaign quests (for the most part) will give you substantially more xp, but there are less of them. there are a LOT of cutscenes in aion no low leveled instances in aion, and very few high leveled ones titles actually have a purpose, they give you stats! priests can wear chain in this game, making them less squishy, and they actually have offensive spells...making them a force in pvp i may have repeated some of the things you said, just got done with beta test 5 and figured id head over to tip.it and see if someone had made a thread. edit:not sure what your plans are, but are you going to make the "official" tipit thread for aion?
  7. You could add in woodcutting teaks (im assuming that they havent changed from like a year ago). Those were around 60-70k xp an hour if i remember right, making them about 100k an hour with brawlers?
  8. Why make claims you know aren't true... http://img8.imageshack.us/img8/5618/allgloves.png around...70 used? either way, 168 isnt as amazing as you make it out to be 214 now, sorry. +1 to Danqazmlp. I haven't been pvping much so yeah. Also, theres no name on the pic. Please gtfo my thread unless you want to help out or get owned because I know for sure thats not even you, 99% sure thats Darkinite from Border Patrol. Never said it was me, and no its not the person mentioned above. I just simply stated that there are plenty of people out there with that many. Its a lot dont get me wrong, but to make a claim that you are the "person with the most collected byfar in runescape" and have it be the first thing in your thread caught my attention. If you want help, i'd say reevaluate your woodcutting priorities. i could very well be wrong in saying this, but there has to be a more efficient method than cutting mages for 700k xp. sounds painful. i actually been through the wild since back when old pking was around, but are oaks the only thing to power cut?
  9. Why make claims you know aren't true... http://img8.imageshack.us/img8/5618/allgloves.png around...70 used? either way, 168 isnt as amazing as you make it out to be
  10. Ive always felt they should raise the level cap to 126 anyways (its like 185m xp or something like that). This would allow people who have spent real time in the skill the chance to make items exclusive to those who have poured both the time and the money into smithing. Of course there are more negatives about raising the level cap than there are positives.
  11. sup3rpur

    Slayer Sucks

    I agree with you that there are better ways to train combat. Which is what i understand to be your point. That's 100% correct. And, im sure you totally understand this, but here is my opinion on slayer... Slayer is a way to train combat skills with variety. It unlocks new things for people to train on (although none of them are worth training on unless they are in fact your slayer task), it provides enjoyment to many people, and for people who like to fight things that have a chance of dropping loot worthwhile. Now, slayer itself is like many skill in runescape, it has its uses, yet in the end its mostly worthless. For example, woodcutting. Woodcutting earns you about the same as slayer does. Even when you are 99. So why raise woodcutting? Because people enjoy it, and there is a skill cape involved. If we were just going by terms of efficiency, then we would all be training rc until our arms fell off (of course thats assuming we dont realize that working the ge takes less time and is therefore more efficient than any skill.) Basically all im saying is that your point and rant is mostly pointless and is a closedminded way to look at slayer. Why post a thread just saying that you hate people that say its the fastest way to raise combat? Nobody says that, you might as well just post saying "Why do noobs misunderstand combat?" This skill serves a purpose, and plays a large role in the game. Waste of forum space imo
  12. And that fury has probably made you more money than if you were to have merched it as well. Items like that are an investment. Its like a dragon axe, if you buy one and chop 3k yews, then the next day the axe goes down 100k...o well? you just invested in it to make over 1m in items, so its still a major profit. Nonconsumables value goes far beyond what the GE price is, the extra hits and str from a fury vs a glory add up over time, why do you think people buy them for 2-3m vs just spending 40k on a glory? Basically what im trying to say is, even if over time the price of furies greatly decline (like they have been) someone who has invested in one can still make money off of it.
  13. QQ Kid posted a video of him getting kills, its a pvp world, its for pvp. That includes major burst damage. Look at other MMO's, thats how they work too. If you get some lucky hits then all the power to you. Who the hell cares if he pks differently than some people like? Notice the gear difference as well. Anyone can be a scrub and bring 300k in items to a pvp world, hes risking getting bursted for that much too but at least hes in gear thats worth something. Frankly, OP doesnt care if you dont like his vid, so quit flaming
  14. They could change the limit to 126...as if you were to raise you xp to 200m that is what level you would be. although i personally would like to see higher amounts (around 150 maybe?) they could have agility provide an armor boost/dodge boost like on 99% of other games to scale with the large hitpoint cap, food could heal off of % based terms. ie shark heals for 20% of total health rather than 20
  15. Anyone here downed 3 drake sarth 10 man yet?
  16. just you wait until 3.1 holy priests are gonna be KINGS of raid healing again. Just wait for them to take out the buff on CoH ;( But i think theyre replacing DS with that PW:Barrier in the disc tree so well actually have a raid heal spell to cast while our tank is full
  17. Anyone else happy with the priest changes? Disc priests unite!
  18. I agree ^ Although i would like to put in my piece. Having played Runescape since...2002? maybe 03 I really dont remember, there is always that time where you just CANT hold back from saying something. By saying something i mean saying just telling someone they need to just let something be, or the occasional "ok bud thats a little over the line." There is obviously a line that doesnt need to be crossed, but the problem I see with jagex is that they feel that if you cross their line its over, no appeal, no if ands or buts. Yes, they have every right to believe and enforce this as it is THEIR game, but when they start losing players who have been playing since the days of classic because of this, they need to rethink their methods. What is my point and why am i saying this? Because last year in June i was perm muted. Without warning. Without proof (literally, they just said i broke rule 1 and gave me 10 marks). I am now at 17.5 blackmarks. First 7.5 Ill admit i deserved. I made a macro way back in the day, it was a stupid thing to do. But do i really deserve to get a perm mute because THEY feel i crossed THEIR line once? I ended up quitting and joining WOW this last October, customer service is amazing. Kind of like jagex's used to be, you know, when you actually say Jagex Moderators in game, when you could actually send jagex a query? Jagex has fallen out of that, and i honestly dont think their note they posted on February 9th will change that. So yes, Jagex does have a line and people who are muted deserve to be muted because they have (for the most part) legitimately crossed that line. BUT, as with any game, there will be the innocents who get banned with the guilty, and many of those people leave the game because of this.
  19. is it just me or does patchwork on heroic rape everyone elses raids on 25 man... one of our problems is one of our tanks was the 2nd highest threat for the 1st strike, then dropped to 3rd just before the 2nd strike and got that one too. but still...it shouldnt be that bad. weve wiped on him...8 times so far? have had no problems doing the rest of the instance though. who knows, maybe its because our healers fail.
  20. I totally agree. Part of the reason i rerolled a BE priest was because i couldnt stand looking at my undead mage. just...bleh. and youre right with mana i suppose, i havent had much of a problem with mana on my mage and im heavy fire. ive never played a troll and there are none in my guild so im not familiar with beserk either. but its as someone said earlier, play with something you can stand seeing the back of forever lol a pally taunt eh...as is pallys werent already amazing enough tanks...
  21. race bonuses arent THAT minuscule if youre a mage looking into heavy pvp undead > bloodelf (of course this is all my opinion) this is because of will of the forsaken for pve, bloodelf has the win because of the ability to restore 6% of mana with a spell that doesnt reset global cooldowns if youre just starting off though, i would roll a hunter, pally, or a rogue, though you should just play what you will enjoy the most. hunters are honestly the easiest class to level and a good hunter can put out VERY high dps (we have a hunter on our server that was putting over 3.5k dps only a month or so after WOTLKs release)
  22. by this point no skillcape is that great. summoning and runecraft included. skills are too easy now, and skillcapes were really only special for the first few months after they came out. when i got my crafting under 500 people had it, when i quit it was pushing 3k. yes a skillcape is a skillcape but honestly by this point no skillcape is much "noobier" than another, because theyre all in the same boat
  23. i suppose that makes sense then haha. im guessing youre arcane then? gah i miss the arcane spec :-# ps. is the next patch going to allow us to have two specs and not constantly pay for respecs?
  24. having the 60% health increase glyph is a waste of a glyph for dps scorch x 3 stack frostfire glyph and...o shoot...cant...remember last one...lol havent been on my mage in around 3 weeks. Just rerolled to a disc priest as our guild needs another healer or two
  25. sup3rpur

    Personality Test

    sounds like a myerrs briggs in that case I am an INFP
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