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  1. Two great articles,Yes I have often wished I hadn't chosen such a silly name. Little did I realize that when I created this character to check out this new game my son was playing,that I'd become so involved in it myself. Oh to be able to change the name!...but then I'd be at a loss whether too after making so many friends on this character.
  2. I was thinking maybe a spin off of magic,some sort of healer may be a useful addition. It could be used in conjunction with other skills.Herblore,Magic and could complement combat. Then again maybe not :-# Its the sort of skill that would interest me a bit like summoning has helped in lots of ways.
  3. Ha ,I discovered your blog!,not only are you a super challenge winning fisherman,your a master mage too!!(shortly) :thumbsup:
  4. Slowly recover for me,I quit early last year and since returning with no money and even a lot of quest items dropped,I have surprisingly enjoyed the journey back to having enough wealth to do what I need to do .
  5. Is the xp better worshipping at ectofunctus than a guilded altar?,1st time ive been to ecto for ages when doing penguins this week,it seems its easier to grind now.
  6. Some characters are advertising a mechscape beta site in game,please dont submit your runescape user details as it steals your password and user name,. How do i know, I stupidly fell for it so I'm hoping this will stop any more people doing the same,yes call me stupid and flame me to death :oops:
  7. I'm stuck trying to craft penguin suit,i'm at my craft table ,ive got the book,silk,hammer,steel bar and plank,i just cant seem to work it out. Any ideas,it's driving me crazy. ah,i finally sussed it,i didn't upgrade table to craft table 3
  8. So..Amoured zombies,what sort of set up and invent would be good and do i need grubby key to get in?
  9. Wow,possibly one of the beat and easiest to understand monster killing guide I've read. Good job :thumbsup:
  10. add me to please. Runescape Name:Ph dragon1 p2p oh i think i messed up with code :?
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