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  1. oh alright...thanks? lol i wasnt sure if there was something else....oh well.. i can do that i think.
  2. anyone? i know alot of you have done this.
  3. well im a pure, and once you get on ape atoll you have to run past some lvl 167s in a church, so........the guide says use melee pro..how do i get past it without 43 prayer?
  4. i doubt rune would be in the mil. rune would be EXTREMELY rare, but sence it would be so hard to make money, it wouldnt cost that much. 100k would be very hard to make.
  5. ok, saw a vid, got the safe spot. im good.
  6. ok thanks guys, ill look for a vid, does that mean im safe from the demon when the gnomes attack? (ive done mm on my main, so i dont need help on getting there)
  7. ok...so i have a pure and i need to know if you need 37 prayer for monkey madness, or if there is a way to kill the demon without it, if you know, or you have done it on a pure, help me if you feel like it. oops...hoping i didnt put this in wrong forum.
  8. the cheap onyx stones, with the new update in karajma, it makes no sense, and i lost 800k for no reason.
  9. awesome, i just got 2 in a row...i smell a dry streak after that. lol so altogether ive gotten 4..seems like a common item..
  10. im so sick, ive puked 3 times, i have a sore throat, and a stuffy/runny nose...it blows..ive been watching our favorite show all day (episode 43 i think)...and i miss u. edit:i bet you its from alex's dollar that i ate at school.
  11. dude, i really hope you can get this all back. that would be huge, and hopefully you will. hopefully youll even get more back, anyway good luck. everything is better the second time you get it (cept food).
  12. i think zack has like..all of his skills higher than simons..yeah, he can handle a job and runescape because hes in a wheelchair, durrr.....
  13. dude! stop changing your freaking disclaimer, we dont care if ur in a wheel chair, people arent jealous of you, and were not going to flame you. yet you keep changing it, as if your afraid. and also, i saw not to long ago u play from 3 to 18 hours a day...not no-lifing? what???
  14. its not 100,000,000m exp its just 100,000,000 exp
  15. also, if u did 600 trips, u would get 240k range exp, that means u started at 47 range? oh well.. good luck i guess
  16. rofl i have no idea how to get "siggies " to work
  17. he-he, yeah what happy said, well you got 9 lvls today, thats making SOME progress right? so u must understand some of the "discipline it takes to get 99. expecially 5." lol
  18. way to tell me you made a thread :shame: . or maybe i didnt listen. zack has ocd, he will do it.
  19. sweet, i just made a pure (for fun), this is perfect.
  20. Saru's Topic!!! ~Racing Skili to 5 99's! Will I get bored? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- are you seriously asking us if you will get bored? nah, youll get bored, but you can do it.
  21. hey, can i buy some rockshell (plate and legs) for like 170k ish? need for slayer training with guthans =/ just add me if u can sell. edit:oohh...so thats what reading class is for :oops: sorry, ...bump?
  22. i think you have 35m..................................*takes knife, and skims across wrist* hes thats right, i make fun of emo's :D
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