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  1. Grats ddddrrr. How's your item gathering/monster hunting race coming along?
  2. 99 thieving = 6/10 99 fm = 4/10 99 thief as first, fm as second = 4/10 Total:Combat ratio = 17.017 (Total/combat) Being Saru = 10/10 <3. Edit: Sad bank ;_;.
  3. Why does Fred care so much what other people think?
  4. Sorry I just complete blew you off and forgot about it >.<.
  5. 2/10 for the stats. Also, I agree completely with Psi. Way to boost your E-penis.
  6. ohhh....ehh whatever. in that case, 7/10 because wealth shouldnt be determined by luck I think it'll take a few more posts of you bashing every achievement but 99 mining to completely get your point across.
  7. I've always wished you could do this. I'd either be a vampire or a werewolf, or maybe stay a human depending on looks. Although, I don't think that being a different class should offer new abilities.
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